Flag Burning Debate
Should Flag Burning be against the law ? 


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This amendment is about restoring a freedom to the people. the people's freedom to protect their flag, a freedom they enjoyed and exercised for 100 years.


CON 1.1

It would do irreparable harm to the First Amendment and one of the greatest freedoms embodied within it, our freedom to protest and criticize the government.



The first amendment protests speech not vandalism.


CON 2.1

Flag burning is actually recommended by Congress when a flag gets old. (See 36 U.S.C. Sec. 176(k), which states that burning a flag is the preferred means of disposal "when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display.") Given this, the apparent intention of the flag amendment's proponents is not to keep flags from being burned but to prohibit certain viewpoints from being expressed.



Rep. Skaggs said: "We do not need to amend the Bill of Rights to show our respect for the flag. ... Our flag commands the deepest respect because it stands for a nation and community that is strong. Strong enough to tolerate diversity and to protect the rights of those expressing unpopular views, and even expressing them on some regrettable occasions in an offensive manner."



Old Glory is a symbol of freedom. Her red bars are tributes to the blood shed by the colonists who revolted against tyrannical oppression, including censorship and the inability to protest government policies.



Flag burning may destroy the flag, but an amendment to protect it would damage what it stands for.



The American flag stands for everything we believe in and everything that soldiers long gone have fought for. No, they did not just die for the material that the flag is made out of, but rather laid down their lives for their country and what they thought was right. Haven't they been disgraced enough over the years, why is it so hard to have some respect.




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