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Do you think George W. Bush has used cocaine ?


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Do you think George W. Bush has used cocaine?



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There have been rumors of cocaine use for months.



Bush's silence on the subject became a campaign issue after the New York Daily News asked 12 presidential hopefuls if they had ever used cocaine. Bush was alone in not answering the question.



Bush said of the cocaine questions which have surfaced in almost all of his recent interviews. ``The game of trying to force me to prove a negative and to chase down unsubstantiated and ugly rumors has got to end.''



This sounds like a denial.



Asked whether he would ever answer the question, the Texas governor replied, ``It's not the only rumor. The minute you answer one question they float another rumor. I know how the game works, I saw it first hand and I ain't playing,'' he said adding that the political ``process ought to be cleaned up.''



He has acknowledged heavy drinking but said he gave up alcohol many years ago.



Asked about whether Bush would require that his appointees to answer the drug-use question for FBI background checks, George W. bit. "As I understand it, the current form asks the question, ‘Did somebody use drugs within the last seven years?’ and I will be glad to answer that question, and the answer is no." Thursday morning in Virginia, Bush said, "Not only could I have passed in today's White House, I could have passed the standards applied under the most stringent conditions when my dad was president, a 15-year period." Bush Sr. signed up for the job in 1989, so now we’re back to 1974


Question 6.1

Didn't I see Bush when asked about meeting the conditions when his father was President, pause as if figuring dates before he answered. He would not of had to figure if he had never used cocaine.


opinion 7

This is an important question considering mandatory drug sentencing laws.  In 1997, Bush signed into law a bill that enabled judges to throw people in jail for possessing under one gram of cocaine.




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