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Clinton gave us the largest tax increase ever ?


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Republicans like to save "Clinton's 1993 tax plan was the largest tax increase in history" 


CON 1.1

After controlling for cyclical effects, Congressional Budget Office data show that total tax revenues increased by 0.8 percent of GDP between 1992 and 1995. This is far from the first time tax receipts have increased by 0.8 percent of GDP in a three-year period. In fact, in the past quarter century alone, tax receipts after controlling for cyclical effects have increased by increments larger than 0.8 percent of GDP over a three year period at least six times


CON 1.2

Most taxpayers did not see their federal taxes increase. The 1993 tax increase, however, applied overwhelmingly to high-income taxpayers. The vast majority of American taxpayers saw no increase at all in their income taxes and were touched only by a 4.3 cent increase in the gas tax, which costs a typical household $38 per year.



In May, 1996 the Republican National Committee issued a press release contending "the average family pays 38.2 percent of its income in taxes,"


CON 2.1

A figure of 27 percent is more accurate. Virtually all analysts without a political axe to grind use the tax burdens of the median family (the family in the middle of the income spectrum) rather than average tax burdens when describing the level of taxes that typical middle-class families owe. Using averages rather than medians overstates the income of the typical American household by 36 percent. It overstates the proportion of income it pays in federal income tax by 71 percent.

CON 2.2

If tax rates are increased on only the wealthy, average tax rates rise, but the tax rates that typical Americans face do not. This is another area where data on average tax burdens can be used in a misleading fashion. For example, if the federal income tax paid by four middle-income families remains unchanged, while the income tax paid by a wealthy family rises $7,500, the average tax burden for these five families has increased $1,500 ($7,500 divided by five families). But to claim the typical family or average family has shouldered a $1,500 tax hike would be misleading. This is another illustration of why median rather than average tax rates and tax burdens should be used in such circumstances.



The radical right has lied constantly about Clinton's first budget's tax increases. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they continue to claim that the tax increase hit the middle class, while in reality the Clinton tax increase was targeted at the most wealthy Americans. Let the record speak for itself. The tax tables from the 1040 booklets for the 1992 and 1993 tax years should be all the evidence necessary to tell who told the truth. Here they are: 

Tax Cuts In The Tax Tables:

Let's see,  the GOP  propaganda machine keeps saying that families making $36K in taxable income are paying more in income taxes due to the Clinton Deficit Reduction Plan, so let's start there and go up to the $140K limit Clinton promised. We'll use the Dan Quayle definition of a family, for his supporter's benefit (married, filing jointly) for determining the figures. Other filing Categories show corresponding savings (feel free to look them up for yourself- Rush would be proud, except it will prove Rush is a liar!):

Income Level /1992 Taxes /1993 Taxes /Difference

$36,000-36,050 /$5,433 /$5,404 /$ 29 LESS

$46,000-46,050 /$8,233 /$8,090 /$143 LESS

$56,000-56,050 /$11,033 /$10,890 /$143 LESS

$66,000-66,050 /$13,833 /$13,690 /$143 LESS

$76,000-76,050 /$16,633 /$16,490 /$143 LESS

$86,000-86,050 /$19,433 /$19,290 /$143 LESS

$99,950-100,000 /$23,743 /$23,521 /$222 LESS

So, as high as $100,000, and you are still paying LESS in taxes!

And, of course we can't forget the.....

Tax Rate Schedules, for those who earn over $100K in taxable income:

$120,000 /$29,951 /$29,729 /$222 LESS

And a drum roll, please.......................................

$140,000 /$36,151 /$35,929 /$222 LESS

Of course, we shouldn't forget the many tax cuts Clinton's plan passed. They are:

Tax Cuts On The 1040's:

Line 31- The promised Earned Income Tax Credit. The threshold for the working poor was increased from $22,700 to $23,050. It helps working poor with children stay off welfare.

Line 34- Increased standard deductions. An additional $100 per person is deducted from taxable income.

Line 36- Increased exemptions. An additional $50 per person is deducted from taxable income, and the threshold for exemption limitations was raised from $78,950 to $81,350 which helps reduce taxes from the upper-middle class.

Please don't let the GOP continue to lie about the Clinton Deficit Reduction Plan. When they do, whip out a copy of the above, and ask them to back up their lies with references and facts.

They can't!

Charles Ragsdell





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