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Is the Confederate Flag a Symbol of Racism? 


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Is the Confederate Flag a Symbol of Racism?


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History  1

South Carolina, is the only state with the Confederate battle flag flying above its Capitol, it was raised at the Statehouse in 1962 to commemorate the Civil War's centennial. Georgia and Mississippi incorporate the Confederate symbol in their state flags.


FACT 1.1

Opponents see the flag as a symbol of racism and slavery. Supporters say it honors South Carolina's Confederate past.


PRO 1.2

Raising the Confederate Flag during the civil rights movement was a slap in the face to those fighting for equal rights. Now the flag is a constant reminder of that struggle and the fact that we have not overcome the hatred and divisiveness of that period of our history. Several attempts to take it down have failed, including a lawsuit by business leaders. 


CON 1.3

The flag was raised in 1962 to commemorate the Civil War centennial, not in defiance of the federal government over desegregation, said former state Rep. George E. Campsen Jr. It should have come down in 1966 after the celebration was over, he said, but the Legislature failed to provide for the removal.



It must be ignorance, an ignorance I once shared. The NAACP crowd sees the Confederate battle flag as a flag of slavery. If that's so, the United States flag is even more so. Slavery thrived under the United States flag from 1776 to 1865, while under the Confederate flag a mere four years. The birth of both flags had little or nothing to do with slavery. Both flags saw their birth in a violent and proud struggle for independence and self governance. However, if one sees the War for Southern Independence solely or chiefly as a struggle for slavery, (see Civil War Cause Debate), then it's natural to resent the Confederate battle flag. Walter Williams 



A former racist-in-denial who was the National Campaign Director for George Wallace's organization, has said. We used all things Confederate to glorify "Dixie" and mask the slave owning, racist culture that created that white supremacist state. The Confederate Battle Flag has become emblematic of white supremacy from rebel flag waving, Nazi Skin Heads in Germany to church burning Klansmen in South Carolina and the Aryan Nation in Idaho.

Maybe confederate flags wouldn't have such a bad rep, if they weren't flown at hate rallies, by the "boys in the hoods". This is not dogmatic, it's factual. How 'bout a flag that will draw people together instead of apart? Ron Moore


PRO 5   12-7-99

A group of former lawmakers and governors who served when the Confederate flag was hoisted above South Carolina's Statehouse have returned to urge current legislators to bring it down. The former lawmakers gathered under flags - including the Confederate banner - hanging in the House chamber to present their petition with 48 signatures from surviving members of the all-white Legislature. Their petition seeks removal of the flag from the dome, but not those in the House and Senate chambers.


CON 5.1

House Majority Leader Rick Quinn, a flag supporter, said the petition will do little to sway lawmakers in the coming session, which starts in January. ``They're not representing constituents any longer, so they can say whatever they want,'' he said.






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