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Is Gun Buy Back Programs a good ideal?


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President Clinton is ready to hand over $15 million in federal money to help mostly inner-city neighborhoods take guns out of circulation. The program will give local police departments up to $500,000 to buy guns in and around public housing projects for a ``suggested price'' of $50. The guns will be destroyed.



The administration calculates that the $15 million buyback program should bring in close to 300,000 guns. The money will go to individual public housing authorities, which will work out the buyback plans with local police. 


CON 2.1

One republican said that a kid told him that he would use the money to buy a better gun.


PRO 2.2

The administration will suggest that housing authorities hand out gift certificates for goods or services rather than cash.



The buyback plan is modeled on local programs in cities such as Washington and New York. The District of Columbia bought 2,306 guns during an experimental two-day offer last month. That no-questions-asked program took in guns from across the city, not only from neighborhoods near housing projects. As with the Washington program, the national buyback offer would not include amnesty for any crimes committed with the guns. District of Columbia police are running ballistics tests on the gun haul now, and will try to match guns to crimes and crimes to criminals.



In the first 90 minutes during the second day of the program Tuesday, people brought 460 guns into police stations, including handguns, sawed-off shotguns and assault rifles, all of them illegal in the District of Columbia.


CON 4.1

In the District of Columbia police said most of the guns turned in did not come from thugs. Why would we buy guns from honest citizens?



Do we need more proof that the liberals are trying to take all guns.



Paying a "no-questions-asked" minimum "bounty" provides criminals with an incentive to steal guns.




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