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Should gun registration be mandatory ? 


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Should gun registration be mandatory ?


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President Clinton has said that we should consider registering guns, just as we register cars.



Registration is completely unnecessary as a crime-solver. Guns can already be readily traced back to their last lawful owner. When police need to trace the history of a gun, all they need to do is contact the manufacturer to get the ball rolling. From there, they can easily find the dealer or distributor the gun was shipped to. Then, the dealer looks up who bought the gun, as they are required to keep records, and the search continues. This system, which is already in place, can easily show the last legal owner the same way that the proposed registration system could, only it doesn't need tax dollars to get it going, it isn't an illegal form of gun registration, and it works better.

PRO 2.1

There is one very important difference when you sell your car the new owner also registers the car. The current manufacturer does not trace a sold gun.



Much the same way that registering cars hasn't stopped drunk driving, his plan of gun registration won't make any difference either. All it could ever be used for is eventual gun prohibition and confiscation. It has been done in almost every country that has ever used gun registration, with almost no exceptions! None of the ideas he is supporting will make any difference. If any difference is to be made, we need to start enforcing the laws we already have.



One WWII veteran said that when they entered Germany, the first thing they did was to go to the police station, get the gun registration list, and go around disarming everyone so there would be no guerrilla warfare. At that stage of the war, the only things left were shotguns and Drillings. Another person, who was with the Norwegian resistance, said “The Germans were more efficient. They just posted a notice for everyone on the list to turn in their guns or be executed on the spot”. Lesson learned (again) . This is one reason we are dead set against registration.



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