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Who is the biggest treat to Individual Rights? 


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Who is the biggest treat to Individual Rights?



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Conservatives 1

The conservatives are trying to force their brand of religion on the rest of use, with prayer in school.


Liberals 1.1

Liberals have outlawed prayer in school and are against posting  the 10 Commandments in schools.


Conservatives 2

By opposing abortion the conservatives are restricting the rights of women to control their own bodies.


Liberals 2.1

If murdering a unborn child isn't a violation of individual rights, I don't know what is. 


Liberals 3

Liberals ultimate goal is to take all guns away, violating the 2nd Amendment. 


Conservatives 4

Conservatives are against gay rights, especially gay marriage.


Conservatives 5

Conservatives are trying to ban flag burning.


Conservatives 6

Conservatives are for school vouchers, which is using public money for use at private religious schools. This is a contrary to the Bill of Rights.


Conservatives 7

Conservatives are for removing evolution from education, because it differs from what they think the Bible says.


Liberals 8

Liberals using environmental issues have restricted what people can do on their own property. 


Conservatives 9

Senate Democrats and Republicans each have a ``patients' bill of rights,'' but there are significant differences. Democrats: Give patients who are harmed by the denial of care the right to sue their health insurance company. Republicans: Give no rights to sue.




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