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Is this proof that evolution may be false ? 


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Is this proof that evolution may be false ?


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Evolution requires millions of years to work. Creationist believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old.  Every year millions of tons of meteoritic dust land on Earth. While this is negligible compared to the processes of erosion on the Earth (about a shoebox-full of dust per acre per year), there are no such processes on the Moon. If the earth and moon are billions of years old the Moon must receive a similar amount of dust (perhaps 25% as much per unit surface area due to its lesser gravity), and there should be a very large dust layer (about a hundred feet thick). Since there's not the moon could not be millions of years old.


CON 1.1

Henry Morris wrote in his "Scientific Creationism", regarding the dust influx rate: "The best measurements have been made by Hans Pettersson, who obtained the figure of 14 million tons per year." Pettersson stood on a mountain top and collected dust there with a device intended for measuring smog levels. He measured the amount of nickel collected, and published calculations based on the assumption that all nickel that he collected was meteoritic in origin. That assumption was wrong and caused his published figures to be a vast overestimate. Pettersson's calculation resulted in the a figure of about 15 million tons per year. In the very same paper, he indicated that he believed that value to be a "generous" over-estimate, and said that 5 million tons per year was a more likely figure. Several measurements of higher precision were available from many sources by the time Morris wrote Scientific Creationism. These measurements give the value of about 20,000 to 40,000 tons per year. Multiple measurements (chemical signature of ocean sediments, satellite penetration detectors, microcratering rate of objects left exposed on the lunar surface) all agree on approximately the same value -- nearly three orders of magnitude lower than the value which Morris chose to use. With the proper values, the expected depth of meteoritic dust on the Moon is less than one foot.



Meteors and meteorites have been the source of dust on the moon. Dr. Harold Schlusser said, that the dust that is deposited on the moon is doing so at the rate of 14.3 million tons per year. After 4 to 5 billion years, the layer on the moon would have been extremely deep. So the NASA scientists constructed the lunar lander to be able to land on that blanket of dust without sinking through it, but equipping it with huge feet. When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, everyone at NASA was amazed that there were only 3 inches of dust. They couldn’t explain why. But 3 inches comes much closer to the biblical/creation view of our existence. 3 inches equates to about 8,000 years.

CON 2.1

The Apollo mission had been preceded by several unmanned landings -- the Soviet Luna (six landers), American Ranger (five landers) and Surveyor (seven landers). The physical properties of the lunar surface were well-known years before man set foot on it. 




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