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   Abortion Debates
     Some Specific Hypotheticals

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Okay. To top all insane hypothetical situations that people use to prove their points:

What if everyone aborted? The human race would be dead in a generation.

What if no one aborted? The human race would suffer from a percentage of unhappy, shamed or dead mothers. The human race survives.

Yes, I see gaping holes in my logic already. My point is, people shouldn't take specific hypotheticals that aren't really the most common scenario. When we debate this, we ought to look at what abortion is used for this most. For instance, would you say electricity is bad because some people have been electrocuted? Would you say slavery was good because it produced some kinds of music? No. We'd look at what electricity or slavery has resulted in most commonly and in general.

We ought to look at the most common scenario, followed by the next most common scenario, and so on before we go to crazy, unlikely, black and white scenes.

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