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   Abortion Debates
     Intellectual Debate
       Intellectual Debate and Conversation on Abortion Rights

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This Thursday, join co-hosts Avery Krut, Amanda Crumley, and YOU as they debate and discuss about abortion and reproductive rights at .  Special guests include Derrick Jones (National Right to Life Committee) and Becca Doten (leading Young Democrat/LA activist).  The debate will start on Thursday, Sept. 20th at 8 P.M. EST / 5 P.M. PST at .  Paltalk members can converse directly with the hosts and guests in a live video chat room. Join in, speak up, and be heard!

The Hosts:
Amanda Crumley is a veteran of three presidential campaigns, plus numerous more on the local and statewide level as well. Having spent 4 years in the Clinton White House, Amanda has seen and experienced it all, and will put that knowledge to the test every week at Provocation Hall.  Avery Krut comes to Provocation Hall with a voice of experience, reason, and determination. Never one to shy away from a good fight, Avery will challenge all opinions, while effectively looking at both sides of the issue.


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