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   Abortion Debates
       what Planned Parenthood is teaching our children

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If You Choose

... you need to know that for some people, outercourse is sex play without vaginal intercourse. For others, it is sex play with no penetration at all — oral, anal, or vaginal. Some people also believe that any kind of penetrative sex play is too risky to be called "safer sex." But many people sometimes have oral and anal sex — to avoid pregnancy or to "preserve their virginity."

Lower-risk forms of outercourse include

Kissing — Many people explore different ways of kissing. They may also explore kissing different body parts.

Masturbation — Many people enjoy touching their own sex organs. It's the most common way to be sexual. Partners can masturbate alone, together, or watch each other. They may hug and kiss while they do it.

Erotic Massage — Many couples touch and rub each other's sex organs using their hands, bodies, or mouths.

Body Rubbing/Frottage — Many couples rub their bodies together — especially their sex organs — for pleasure and orgasm.

Fantasy — Couples can read or watch sexy stories or pictures together. They can also share or act out sexy fantasies. People do it in person, on the phone, surfing the Internet, or through e-mail or instant messaging.


Outercourse is 100% effective against pregnancy unless pre-ejaculate or sperm gets onto the vulva or into the vagina.

Outercourse is also effective against sexually transmitted infections. It reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS and many other sexually transmitted infections — unless body fluids, such as semen and vaginal fluids, are exchanged through oral or anal sex play. But some infections, like herpes and HPV, can be passed by skin-to-skin contact.


no hormonal side effects

can be used as safer sex if no body fluids are exchanged

may make sex play last longer, enhance orgasm, and increase intimacy between partners

can be used when no other birth control methods are available


Women and men may let outercourse lead to intercourse without being ready to protect themselves from pregnancy or infection.

Some people may find it hard to abstain from intercourse.

Sperm may come in contact with the vagina.

Advantages for teens —
Outercourse can completely satisfy both partners and take a lot of pressure off young women and men.

Many teen women get little or no pleasure from sexual intercourse because their partners do not know how to give them pleasure. Outercourse helps partners learn about their bodies and how to give themselves and each other sexual pleasure.

Women have very different sexual response cycles than men. Men usually have one orgasm, and it is usually some time before they can have another. Women can have frequent and multiple orgasms. But many women don't have orgasms from vaginal stimulation. Most of them can have orgasms when the clitoris is stimulated — whether or not they are having vaginal intercourse. Sex play without intercourse can help women learn how to have orgasms.

Men also enjoy outercourse — even if they're shy about it in front of their partners. Outercourse allows men to be truly erotic without worrying about how well they "perform".

Caution — Outercourse is a form of birth control. It is also a lot like foreplay. They both add to sexual excitement and pleasure. And they can both lead to orgasm. The difference is that foreplay usually leads to intercourse. Outercourse may make you feel like having intercourse. Be careful! If you are going to have intercourse, you need to use another form of birth control — and protection from infection.


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