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   Abortion Debates
     Funding Evil
       Funding Evil

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This sermonette was given originally by a Pastor C. Lupus for the supporters of abortions.

Sermon For Today: Your Funding of Abortion by Pastor C. Lupus.

Pastor C. Lupus says “Even though you give aid and comfort to every abortioner to commit abortions, through your tax dollars. . . Don't Worry!  Your government is allowed to commit evil that good may come.  You financial support of this evil is ordained by God, since that evil is for our good.  Your continued financial support of that evil will work out for your good.”

At Home Project:  Remove the following verses - - - Romans 3:8, 2 Chron 19:2, Romans 1:28-32, and Romans 13:4.   Amen.

A parting question from unworthy servant:  Since God says in Exodus 20:13 (NASV) "You shall not murder" . . .  In the eyes of God, who is guilty, the one who murders or both the murderer and the one who hires the murderer?  

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