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   Health Debates
       Symptoms of obesity

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The most obvious symptom of obesity is your energy level, breathing /snoring and appearance - your body size. In obesity, the symptoms you may not be aware of are those that could tell you more about your health status.

Obese men and women are more at risk for many diseases:

   * Diabetes

   * Gall bladder disease

   * Heart and blood vessel problems, such as stroke and coronary heart disease

   * Cancer

   * High blood pressure

   * Bone-related arthritis

   * Abnormal levels of fat in your blood

   * Gout, and

   * Sleep apnea (interrupted breathing while you sleep) syndrome.

Many medical problems associated with obesity are silent; you may feel healthy and still have health problems that have not yet caused symptoms you notice.

Because losing weight and keeping it off is an everyday undertaking, you will benefit with family and health care support as you start a therapeutic lifestyle change. The first step is a full health and physical exam and the involvement/inclusion of your doctor's advice. Remember, treatment can only begin and be successful when you have the motivation to change your eating and physical activity habits. The most successful programs are when you take charge of these important lifestyle changes. They will always need to be individualized and achieved "a step at a time" (incremental) over a lifetime.

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