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   Health Debates
     Transient ischemic attack?
       help needed!

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Dear sir/madam

I was searching the web for information on the subject of  'Hiatus Hernias', and I came across your website which I found to be very informative and helpful. I was searching on this subject because my girlfriend (aged 17) has been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia. I realise that in most cases this condition will not cause severe symptoms, but I feel that my girlfriend is one of the unlucky few.
She has difficulty swallowing at times, and every couple of months has some sort of fit or seizure. This consists of sharp stomach then chest pain, followed by extreme difficulty breathing to the point of passing out and not breathing at all. Fainting and convulsions follow. This goes on for at least 45 minutes and is obviously very scary. She also looses feeling in her limbs, and balance, and sometimes looses her eyesight temporarily. This looks remarkably to my untrained eyes as a Transient ischemic attack or small stroke. This has been ongoing for two years. The fact such drastic symptoms are going untreated is a complete mystery to me. Also she suffers from migraines, and it may be worth noting she has high blood pressure.
When she was younger, she was prescribed some drugs by her doctor for her stomach troubles. Six years later, she was taken off them as it was feared that they may be causing heart problems. I'll be willing to find out the name of this medication if you are willing to strike up correspondence with myself.
We live in Britain and so she is receiving help from the NHS. Unfortunately we live on an island off the coast of mainland Britain, and medical help appears to be quite poor, with the doctors passing her condition off as stomach viruses and suchlike. I can't say I trust their judgement, but that would be expected as she is so close to me.
I would appreciate any information and suggestions you have to offer and will be prepared to do anything to remedy this situation. I feel that her youth alone is reason enough to prioritise this. I look forward to any sort of reply.


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