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   Politics Debates
     The Lie of a free country

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The Lie of a Free Country

There are no free countries in the world ruled by the cartel of nation-states. Freedom comes from the condition of the free will, of the human mind, an institution is not free, it is merely an object that is used as a tool by the people who run it to serve their interests. The countries claiming to be free are pernicious frauds perpetrated on people who are too stupid to realize they are slaves. The political mobsters only use the propaganda "free country" to deceive the subjects -- if you complain that there is no freedom in the country, you are looked upon as though your head has just fallen off. Because, most sheeple have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that slavery is freedom, if you falsely believe that you're already free, then you can't complain about not being free, that kills any argument in favor of creating a truly free country and even any debate about whether or not the country is free or how to make it free.
  When the propagandists use the term "free country", what they really mean is that their political mob has the power, arrogance and license to commit any crime against individual freedom, including censoring or excluding from the public debate any dissent, and get away with it. To their cynical minds, freedom only means the ability to get away with doing whatever they want without being held accountable to anyone.
  Anyone who believes that any nation-state is a free country is a damned fool. It's not a free country, it's a criminal country.
  The United States obviously is not a free country, it has never for one second in its entire history been a free country, it was founded on slavery, the slavery of blacks and also womin. The fight for independence was a separate matter, to defeat British tyranny, but the ruling class of white, Protestant men betrayed the revolution and used it the enforce their own tyranny. The claim that the United States was founded on freedom while enslaving an entire race and waging a genocidal war against the native people of this land is a most pernicious and absurd lie. The only place on the continent where there was freedom was on the frontier, but when new territory was consumed by the United States, it ceased to be a free land. The tradition of slavery that has always existed in the United States has only been restructured and shifted around to make the burden of slavery more equal and realize Alexis de Tocqueville's ominous observation that "Americans are so enamoured of equality they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom".
  The vacuous platitude "its a free country" is an attack on the dignity and rights, not to mention the intelligence, of all individuals. That propaganda is a smoke screen to silence dissent while attacking freedom -- it is shield for tyranny. The effect of that big lie on people too stupid to grasp the obvious is that not only does it silence dissent, it is primarily designed to control thought, children have grown up hearing this platitude spoken as an accepted fact, and if you don't mindlessly accept it, then you're not a real American -- yea, exactly, if you don't accept it, you're not a mindless slave. People who are drugged into falsely believing in an artificial freedom have nothing to complain about as their real freedoms are violated. Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
  Today virtually every political move that people make infringes on someone's rights, every policy, every suggestion, every vote is an attack on somebody's rights in some way. Dresden James said, "The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves".
 A society that uses armed robbery and corrosion to subjugate its citizens, forces children into indoctrination schools and exposes them to violence and abuse and makes people dependant by taking away control of their lives, businesses and personal initiative, and one that wages murderous terrorist wars against innocent people, and enslaves the subjects through conscription to participate in state sponsored terrorism is a society that is at war against freedom and will ultimately destroy itself, it's no wonder that such a society breeds violent crime. When you want to find the root cause of this sort of crime just look at the the kind of society that the state has created. A system that uses force to make people perform the way those in power want them to inevitably breeds violence and disrespect for all law and justice.
  The statists display a seething hatred of people who love freedom. The evil of the state's political system knows no bounds, no shame and no honor, they want not only the power over people's lives and property, they want to rob human beings of their dignity and the freedom to exercise their rights and to pervert the human soul until a person is nothing but a subservient instrument of the cult of the state.
  Political rulers appear to be afraid of individual freedom, because they are selfish and lust for power, they don't seem to understand freedom or its resultant benefits. These manipulative tyrants don't intend for anyone to ever be free, they are continually conspiring to rob you of your rights, property, independence and livelihood, to invade your privacy and take away your ability to defend yourselves and your family from their tyranny. To make sure that no one is able to use their assets to ever liberate themselves or the people they care about from the slavery of the state they increase the burden of surveillance and taxation. The only thing these tyrants understand and respect is raw brute force!
  They call their criminality "public service"-- being robbed, enslaved and killed is not my idea of service. No so called 'service' by the state can be justified by force, if people demand a service, they will be willing to pay for it voluntarily, if the choice is to have the service or do without it, most people will be willing to voluntarily pay for their security and a legal system to regulate their interactions, those who do not wish greater security or regulation may do without them and the rest of society may leave them on their own without hurting society or the individual who chooses isolation.

It's not a free country, it's an enslaved country. Liberate you minds and discover the true nature of freedom.

                                                                                            by Gregory Flanagan


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