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       searching for a suitable 3rd party

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family.  Through 1998 I always voted the GOP ticket.  However, following Clinton’s acquittal with 10 Republican votes I changed my voter status to “no party”.  I voted for George W. Bush in 2000, but don’t plan to vote for him again.

In 2002 I offered my support to a Republican woman who was planning to challenge incumbent Corrine Brown in Florida’s 3rd CD.  However, the GOP establishment in Florida did not want anyone to challenge Brown- fearing that a high black turnout for Brown would hurt Republicans in other races, namely Jeb Bush.  The Republican Party harassed my candidate to the point that she withdrew from the race.  I immediately began looking for an alternative candidate, but could not find one.  Then within a week of J. C. Watts announcing his retirement from Congress, Jennifer Carroll, the GOP’s failed 2000 candidate, announced she would resign from her state job- effective on the last day of the qualifying period.

To insure that Brown did have a challenger I became a write-in candidate.  My purpose was to harass the GOP since I knew I would not be able to campaign and had no chance of winning.  Still I received about 100 votes without spending a dime.

Since 2002 I have thought about joining a 3rd party, but I cannot find one with a platform fully compatible with my views.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?      

I am not an isolationist, but I want the United States to withdraw from the U.N. and I don’t know if NATO still serves any purpose.  I insist that the United States give unconditional support to Israel and I oppose any idea of statehood for the Palestinians.

I am for free trade and would like to see a NAFTA type agreement between the democratic nations of the New World, Great Britain, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the British Commonwealth.  This being said I would like to find some way to reduce imports from China.

I see public education as a matter of national security.  Conservatives have generally taken education as an issue for the state and local governments.  But, I have had too many bad dealings with private schools to think private schools can ever be a worthwhile alternative to public education.  I would like to have a national K-12 curriculum with national standardized exams for all subjects in all grades, national teacher qualifications and a 45 week school year.

I would welcome any thoughts and ideas as to finding or starting a 3rd party.


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