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   Politics Debates
     New Labour is not socialist

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Without a doubt today, when you have a leader (Or Prime Minister) of Britain backing the war on Iraq, backing the privitsation of the National Health Service to get them more like damaged with the new idea of bringing new employers with some of the biggest low pays of all time, student fees increased to somewhere around 4k in universities, you defitnly know that New Labour has destroyed the socialist principles of what it used to stand for today.

The new clause 4 the Tony Blair has come out with is simply true for the middle-class people and not for the working-class people. Saying that they back the wealthy people and let them get equal tax pay than the lower classes, restricting the Trade Unions rights, and deep uncontrolled globerisation.

This is another Capitalist party, although I would'nt say it is like the Conervative party.

There is many more to explain, but I want your views on this subject.

Posts: 0 | Posted: 7:33 PM on December 23, 2003 | IP
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