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   Politics Debates

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Well when it comes to American History and all you who are so quick to Judge let me point out who drug us in to Vietnam in the first place!  France got there little asses slaughtered and we, perhaps foolishly, thought communism was a bigger threat than it actually was but at the time it seemed to be the right thing to do.  As for us getting our ass kicked that is a matter of perspective.  We did withdraw but the numbers speak for themselves.  We killed a hell of alot more of them than they did us.  Just like Somalia.  We left there as well but after we killed over a thousand of them skinny's.  But we lose 18 soldiers and we are said to lose the battle. lol.  The world is so funny.  Our enemies sacrifice thousands of there citizens to kill a few Americans and we are perceived as losing.  Just shows how screwed up the world and it's thinking is.  I don't complain about Germany or France not going along with the Iraq War.  I to thought it was a flawed war based on flawed intelligence.  But I don't think it was anything intentional or outright misleading.  I think we got bad intelligence and just don't want to admit it.  Nothing malicious or intentional about it.  So preach your anit American hate propoganda somewhere else.

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