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   Politics Debates

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The other day, six hundred. About one thousand some time before but... why do they suddenly free them? If they were in prison, it is because they had done something. I guess they were dangerous guys who were a thread for the stability of the country, dangerous to honest people or their belongings...

What I mean is... why were they in prison? If they were criminals, they are going to fill the street with dangerous people just because some mindless humiliations... Is it maybe the "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" and once they have paid for their sins they are freed? (Which means they have put into practise the islamic laws I thought they were against...)

If not, this is serious. They keep some thousands in jail with no reason at all. (Well, this is not new as they already have Guantanamo.) They are jailed summarily and kept in prison with no motivation and when scandal gets out of control the sense of guiltiness takes place (I truly believed they couldn't have any) and decide to free them all massively...

My doubt is... Why are they freed? And what is even more important... Why were they jailed?


Posts: 1 | Posted: 5:01 PM on June 23, 2004 | IP
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