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   Politics Debates
     Supreme Court Justices
       electing a judge? And what of the

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I think the democrats are stemming the tide of a flood of conservatism enveloping this country. They see the Democratic party weakening due to Moore's smear campiegn backfiring and the election of Bush a second term. Now it has finally reached the doors of the "Supreme Court". Remember these justices are FOR LIFE! So now the final battle takes place upon the floors of congress where many lay dead and mangled under the carnage of political bashing. Now the Conservatives stand poised to overrun the Democrats last defence of the political supremecy they once ruled with an iron fist. Can they withstand the blows of the Republicans and relive the glory days of the Clinton administration in 08 or will they fade into a tide of religious justice and morality? Only time will tell.

"A Mind IS A Terrible Thing To Waste."

Posts: 8 | Posted: 02:24 AM on April 26, 2005 | IP
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