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   Politics Debates
     The 'Constitution', wuz tat?

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die Wahrheit

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Yeah btw for all you moronic politicians, theres this thing called a 'Consititution' I'm pretty sure its SOMEWHERE in the oath that you took before you the office of any government official. I believe it also said something about upholding this 'Consititution' nothing about pissing on it and burning it.

It seems almost, nowadays the only thing that the politicians are using the consitution for is twisting it and making this place into a communist wonderland.

Guns. I don't care how much you fear them, they're our right to have. Make it harder for criminals to get them, not making life miserable for the average law-abiding citizen who just wants the rifle for hunting on his spare time or to have in his house in case he ever gets attacked.

Gay-Marriage. I'm not gay, and gay marriage seems very weird indeed but still, why are we banning it? "Because its immoral" now where are we getting these "morals" from? The bible. Now what if some of us don't believe in the bible?

Holiday tree: Now seriously this is absurd, why are you putting up a Christmas tree this year? To celebrate Christmas. The jews don't put up these trees for hanukkah, well if they do, they can go call it a hanukkah tree, not changing "Christmas Tree"

There are plenty more. Im not gonna into them, all this is just absurd. Use your common sense, well if don't have any, then what makes you think you have the right to tell other people what to do? I don't care if you got a Ph.D. from UCLA or something, if you don't have common sense and think wasting your time on what a Christmas tree ought to be called is a great idea, you shouldn't be tell people what to do. Our government needs to focus on more important things, like immigration, the retardation of innovation, and global warming rather than what a pagan celebration should be called and what whiny voters think it ought to be called.

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