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   Religon Debates
     faith and religion

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i am catholic in my faith in God and my beliefs. My dad was a faithful irish catholic and my mother being half italian and half jewish(on her mother's side) was as well an advid catholic.  We always attended sunday mass, (or satuarday 5:00pm) , Easter, Midnight Mass, etc. We celebrate Christianity in every sense included the birth, death and the rise of Christ for US.    If you have  recieved the sacrements, why should there be any reason to think that am i not a Christian.  How could anyone say that i am not because my mother is half jewish.  We are a very tight close family and i am very dissapointed in any religious person who has a deep faith to try to take that away from someone no matter what religion they are.  My beliefs are also that God is with you eveywhere whether you are in a church,temple or an eveyday place.  He died for us, and we should praise him in any religion. God is God for everyone, and i Know he is looking over every soldier fighting for us at this trying time.  God Bless Us All.

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