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   Religon Debates
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To the CIA and NSA, the information located here dealing with the English Gematria Codes and it's relationship to Bible Prophecy is important even if you are not a Christian, or even a complete skeptic of such topics. The reason for this is because of it's potential for misuse by immature persons not following the instructions given in these documents for it's proper use. As astounding and impressive as some of these match total findings are, God as also designed a match pattern within the English that could be used as an argument by skeptics or non believers. An example of this argument can be seen when looking at the 444 match totals. One group of words which have an exact total of 444 by one single gematria alphabet are the words: Jesus, Cross, Gospel, Messiah. The counter argument for skeptics using the same gematria alphabet key are the 444 totals for the words: Lucifer, unclear, nuclear, weapon and occult. (To understand this information in more detail read all the pages listed and linked in the menu at the top of this page.) Now continuing, from a believers point of view this argument isn't really an argument at all, but rather it is a choice. A choice designed and encrypted within the English Language by God. In other words God has encrypted an opposite to allow skeptics and non believers an argument for the purpose of choice. It will ultimately be a choice between good or evil, Jesus or Lucifer. I realize that may seem far fetched or foolish to some of you reading now, but that is what this design in the English is about.


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