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   Religon Debates
     About Islam
       Does islam lead 2 militaristic behavious & suppresion

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I am starting this topic to see what others think about islam and what it preaches. i (a non-muslim) personally believe that what is told in the koran is generally Ok (with the odd exception). However, i do feel that many people have misinterpreted it and in many cases have taken it too literally. This has led to many muslims adopting a militaristic view and a culture where they do suppress their women and do seem to endorse terrorism. Also, i don't know if you have been to places like India and Pakistan, but you do hear a lot about how muslims force (via drugs, drink etc...) people into converting to Islam (after all it does say in the koran that if you convert somebody to islam, then you will go to heaven). I live in the Uk, and generally the muslims i know are far more liberal and open-minded. however, i do find that there are a hell of a lot of them who are not so. Please post any thoughts or criticisms.

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