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I believe that one of the keys to Satanism is keeping an open mind and I have heard a sermon on the truth behind Satan and God and believe that you will find this sermon most interesting and would like to discuss what the true intentions of all forms of Satanism and of God are. So please open your minds and hear the words of John Devito, the leader of the Church of the Fallen:

Greetings. Let me begin with a simple message:

We live in a time where Christians can murder and rape at will, without accountability. Abortion doctors are gunned down. Abortion
clinics are bombed, killing women and the born children the Xians profess to protect. Gays are beaten to death by the 'holy' among us
that see them as an affront to their God. Children are raped and sodomized by the priests of the Lord God. And the priest are
protected by the church.

Through history how many have been butchered in the name of the Xian
God? How many died in the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Holocast?
How many souls were burned alive?

In truth, look at the Bible. How many commandments has the Lord God broken? It seems that this god lives on the principal of 'Do as I say, not as I do'. For 'Thou shalt not kill' is a commandment the Xian God does not take seriously. And neither do the followers. The legacy of Christianity has been the spilling of blood.

It has always been so.

Now tell me, how many have died in the name of Satan? Yes, there has
been media sensationalism. Yes, there are some who have lost their
minds and worshiped evil and committed crimes. But these were simply
a handful of aberrations. Tell me, how small, how significant is
this number compared to the massacres of the Lord and His flock?

It is the Lord God of the Bible who kills. Satan only takes a life by the will of God, as evidenced in the Book of Job. In the Bible,
there are no acts committed by Satan that show or prove any evil intent. Only the Lord God shows evil in the Bible: by murdering
disbelievers, by imposing His will.

It is not Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, who is evil. It is God. Simply look at his book. The Bible is the best condemnation of the
tyranny that is God. For one transgression, Mankind is banished from Eden and all generations are cursed to suffer and are stained with original sin. Where is the mercy? God destroys all but the clan of
Noah in a great flood, because of man's wickedness. Where is the compassion? God hardens Pharaoh's heart so that he can purposely kill the first born of Egypt. Where is the love?

The Xian religion has brought misery and death to men, women, and  children. The atrocities continue to this day. Do not stand for it.  Do not let them tell you they are better. Do not let them tell you they are moral. They are not. Their actions prove more than their

The time has come for us Humanists to assert ourselves and no longer take the babbling abuse of the foolish masses. They are the
brainwashed mongrels of an evil God. We are better in every way. We do not lie to ourselves. We do not commit atrocity in the name of good. We hold the true moral ground. Don't let them get away with telling you differently. Challenge their words. Let them know we will not stay silent.

RazorMasticator: In order for you to truly understand this sermon I ask that you purchase "The Devil's Apocrypha".
The publisher of this book found out a Dark secret about one of his family ancestors that used to be a Priest. This Priest was supposedly visited in the night by the Devil
himself and was told the true story of creation. The words in the book are from his long dead ancestor that was hunted down and rejected by his family,friends and the Church itself for fear of the Truth getting out about Christianity
and the Devil. I do not ask that you believe but that you just give it a chance and open yourself to all Possibilities. It does make for a good philosophical discussion.


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