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   Religon Debates
     scaled systems of spirit
       atoms, cells, planets, etc.

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I started this thread to address secondary questions which were brought up in another thread.  I decided to give my answers here for the benefit of observers of the last thread and for the sake of retaining what was left of the focus of the previous thread.

Beyond the issue of the mere existence of spirit are the questions of how this spirit may be ordered and scaled in the universe.  I have given the following scenario not because I am certain that it is this way, but because it may be true.

The universe may be made up of scaled spiritual systems.  The smallest ones are molecular/atomic/subatomic.  Up from this are terrestrial cells/bodies, then planets/solar systems, then galaxies/universe.  Each system has its unique set of functionalities and therefore requires its own governing intelligence/spirit differentiation.

The smaller systems have secondary "mechanical effects" on the larger systems in which they exist (such as the gravitational and electromagnetic effects of atoms/molecules on larger scale systems).  The semi-independence of the intelligence at each scale allows for a degree of randomness and natural process in each system.

This religious-philosophic belief cannot be proved by science because it deals with something that is less tangible than sub-atomic particles - spirit.  The various scaled systems have unique sustained complexities which demand intellligent guidance and correction.  Pure mechanical action and reaction could not sustain the high degree of order which exists, for example, in Jupiter's bands and rings.  These systems have such large ordered complexities that it is not possible to even create bounds in which to quantify the probabilities against unintelligent operation.

I started this thread not to "prove" my position, but to communicate a possible invisible structure to the universe.  You either believe it or you don't.  If a spiritual person wants to question an aspect within the overall framework, I'm game - I'm not certain of the specific aspects.  If someone desires to "disprove" the entire framework, he/she is barking up the wrong tree.

I'm going to be gone for a week or so, so I will respond when I can.

All truth is found within the
healthy soul.

Posts: 48 | Posted: 8:46 PM on March 2, 2006 | IP
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