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   Religon Debates
     "THE" Alternative
       To have an idea rather then a belief.

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Best to have an idea, an idea you can change its rather hard to change a belief.  Beliefs kill more, start more wars then any other cause ;)
My issue with any organized religion is you keep looking up for solutions when you should be looking within and at your side.
The only true freedom you have is choice, when you restrict that, that's the core sin.
When you choose to believe in anything you restrict your own choices.  An idea on the other hand you can change given more.
The fact is there looking up rather then each others family, community and there own mind body and souls where tangible help comes from for any matter of issue. What gospel says "Believe in thyself and take faith in that"  ???  It  says put faith in god, which is ill deserved when he's not making the choices that will affect me, my partner or my brethren.
To have an good idea in anything we know the choice is at the very least is well informed.  To have a good belief, the choice is blind and if you walk far enough you'll fall off a cliff wondering if your faith is misplaced.  Faith in humanity to persevere through anything is better placed, least there we know something will be done.
It's Gods will or God's choice is saying you have no responsibility in your own short of oh... 10 rules... speak of the devil... pun intended.
To go informed with an idea & support somebody choices and thus learning from the mistakes is far better, even though the optimal choice "acts on it in a dangerous manner." When you act on a belief you saying there is NO other option but to stand on this or that side and that is what starts wars, not to mention divorce & a great many other sins restricting choices.
So ask yourselves, which is the greater evil?

Creed: What must be done will be done, what's done is done. Learn from the past and live for today.

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