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   Religon Debates

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1. Nature was before everything and will remain forever.
2. Nature follows definite Laws (some discovered by science).These laws are not bent for anybody, however big or small. Using these laws we have made all the technology possible.
3. When we study these laws, we will understand that an earthquake, a tsunami, floods, fire etc should happen.
4. Nature is never bothered about individuals (animal or plant). It always sees the bigger picture. It supports life on earth; it is not at all bothered which specie survives. It supports the survival of the fittest and one who adapts.
5. If we study Nature we will eventually answer all the questions.
6. We are all made up of the same atoms and atomic particles found in nature. When we die these atoms go back to Nature and are recycled.
7. Nature is Intelligent. Take any rock, planet or star, they are all packed with so many laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics, it will take a life time to understand all these correctly.
8. People think that we have discovered mathematics and science. It was always there, we have only started to understand these. Nature is not only intelligent it is powerful also.
9. Example that no other God exists are all those accidents and mishaps that happen at religious places. Fire, road accidents, bombs etc. When the conditions are right for a particular law to be followed it will do the same, it will never ever bend.
10. Every living thing born will die. Nobody has escaped death. People who said they were God or son of God have all died. No miracle has kept anybody alive forever. This is a law of Nature can anybody challenge to break.

For me


Posts: 2 | Posted: 05:12 AM on June 22, 2008 | IP
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