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   Religon Debates
     Argument brought up by Islamic

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If the Christian God is all powerful then:
Why is Satan not in his control?
1. Let Satan be in God's control
2. Then the God being all-good means that
a) God is not all-powerful
b) Omni-benevolence does not mean the creation of human-rationalised euphoria.

Goodness can also be defined as a the preservation and destruction of life, combined with lesson-making for all.
In this, Omni-benevolence would be to say that God bestows upon "His Creation" the greatest good and that we're in it right now.

If this is the greatest good then, by rational beings being His creations, He has created beings able to suffer.
And thus, rebounding between suffering and pleasure is Good for His creation.

Stepping back, the bigger question is what in the hell is God running this planet for if not for his own pleasure or experimentation?
God has thus created subjects which are to appease him. To be entertainment or achieve a greater goal... but toward what end?

I can see here that Polytheism would answer that God's have assets and require them to achieve their own potential.

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