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   Science Debates
     Laplace181 s view on science
       short essay

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 Science methods would be the real tools to extend our all sense.Without senses of all kinds ,we are not living and there would be no heavens and meaningess for us and our reproductions.However mankinds still are born by manmkinds.we have fleshs,bones,nevers,and Bio-organs that are hard to copied.

    THe Newtons theroms(classic mechanics)the relatives theroms of motions,the electronics,the light propergations,quantum physics,Heats,doctors of vennus,fighter of all harmful virtus and many ohers.Still need to learn and to grow naturally .Everythings underlying human are all start from instinc and emtions of creatures and feeling and thinking of mankinds.May be on the other days ,we dont call us human ,man,woman.WE are then...Just remember Laplace181(cheung shun sang ) now

Posts: 0 | Posted: 02:38 AM on January 24, 2003 | IP
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