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   Civil Rights Debates
     My Confession

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USPatriot-Retired US

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My Confession:

I buy, posses, and use Marijuana and this is a crime in the US, made by a very paranoid president almost 3 decades ago.  Of course he is above reproach since his presidency came to end because of his paranoia over loosing to Kennedy as demonstrated by his behavior with opponents, called the ďdirty tricks.Ē

A war, of course is to be waged against all enemies foreign and domestic. I took that oath twice to protect America from her enemies no matter who they were; I still believe it is my duty today, even though retired by an illness caused by my service to our country. But like in any war, it is hard to see who the enemy is today.

Now I am sometimes told that we are waging a war against drugs.  I have heard both sides and have lived both sides.  If drugs are causing a national problem, letís by all means keep increasing funding and do whatever to the seller that good law abiding community members have provided as punishment.  Hey this is so bad a problem, and Judges arenít doing what we like so letís pass laws making a mandatory sentence.  In fact let us pass a law giving no need to prove charges or probable cause against the American before we tap his phone and search his Home.  That is an old document, they didnít know about what we would face today, so just letís trash it.

In the former Soviet Union the officials made vodka really cheep and available, in North Korea they used this really bad liquor called Soju, why?  To pacify the masses.  Now we have a war on drugs; I know I see it on TV.  I have seen the budget; yes we are waging a war for sure.  These drug dealers can be real bad guys, as I have pleasure or displeasure as the case may be, of meeting some of them; Iím telliní ya, I donít want to mess with some of them; they kill their friends.  These are the guys my government makes me get the medication that makes me able to deal with what came from that oath and that duty I told you about earlier, and exposure to the ďCold War.Ē

I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I have had several Psychiatrists tell me (One was a Colonel [O-6] in the United States Air Force) that because of my suicidal tendencies and addictive personality that it is a better choice than the minor tranquillizers (i.e. Librium, Valium, ect.) to treat my anxiety.  Marijuana does not produce paranoia for some reason.

I havenít been arrested or convicted of a felony ever, I was arrested and found guilty of DWI in 1992, I have stopped drinking for some time now and have not been arrested, served a warrant on, have not been tried, or been convicted of a crime since the 1992 conviction.  I, in fact, plead guilty to those charges.  And boy was I guilty.  I deserve tenfold the punishment given me for getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle drunk on alcohol in 1992.  I donít use any other non-prescribed drug or medication, or abuse any other drug or medication.  I have given myself, my talents, and my service to God in my recovery.

I am obviously of less impeachable character than those that tell you that all the cocaine and crack that is used in one of the five boroughs of NYC, or the whole NYC area, and Chicago, and San Francisco, and Los Angeles and yes, alas, even here, in a single day, or in a week, or in a month, or in a year, or in a decade is coming in and the government doesnít know.  Why havenít we secured our borders?  I mean to me this sounds like a double win: 1.) Stop Terrorists; 2) Stop ďillegalĒ drugs from entering the country.  Why not? Because then the masses arenít pacified.

So, please arrest me for breaking the law and sentence me to a mandatory sentence because I want to go to jail and be raped and beaten up because a low life like me violated the law.  This judgment will ensure that peace is kept and a desperate marijuana smoking drug crazed person like me is safe behind bars.  If this punishment and confinement is what you see in your Constitution that I was willing to put my life on the line to defend then, by all means lock me up.

Now, I will defend America against all enemiesí foreign and domestic.  A war that wrecks American lives is not a war worth waging.  Tell Congress to stop terrorizing innocent Americans with charges for a war with our own people.  Find another solution.  This war has been going on long enough, over three decades; the body count has gotten way too high, and we have done little but kill, arrest, and lock up Americans, and trash the United States Constitution.

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