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   Civil Rights Debates
     affirmative action

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reperations through affirmative action are

race relations in the usa are very bad.

affirmative action itself is slowly destroying
the moral fiber of the usa.

say in 50 years, as a white man, can i sue the
government claiming that affirmative action
lasted to long, and swung the balance in
favor of minorities?

if our society is so racist, are blacks racist
against blacks? there are major cities which
are predominately black, and yet they are
not prosperous... why is that? surely the
playing field with in those communities
i.e. detroit is "fair" unless blacks themselves
are racist heh.

it is true slavery existed in africa before the
us white oppressors took advantage of it.
we effectively cut out the middle man. the
civil war was really about the rights of
states over the federal government, not about
slavery. it was only afterwards the slavery
issue was raised. argueablely, slavery was
certain a major contributor of the south's
grievances with the "federal" government.

african americans generally are considered
better at athletics. perhaps we should enforce
affirmative action such that no athletic team
will have less than seventy some percent
white players? maybe that would be fair?
after all, maybe if my ancestors were slaves
i would be genetically predispositioned for

the idea that the white community today
should pay reperations for slavery in the
past is wrong. it was the white community
which "Freed" the black. furthermore,
obviously it generates hatred by the white.
consider michigan, where some 80 percent
of the people are white. yet affirmative action
shut down factories in the north because
there weren't enough blacks for federal
affirmative action and therefore the factory
lost out bids. that is a real shame. now
you have a community which is budding
hatred against blacks. these are poor
white people. why shouldn't they feel
that way?

i really would like to see a fair deal all around.
i come from a racially diverse family (my grand
parents married a few different times) and
therefore my family includes blacks, hispanics,
native americans, alaskan indians. we argue
non-stop about affirmative action.

i have not benefitted from black slavery.
my white ancestors came to the US during
wwi and wwii. most of the collective wealth
was lost during the stock market crash.

why should i pay for 300+ years of slavery?
why should my children? when will it end?
will there ever be true equality?

what if, i went over to my neighbor and stole
his car, becuase his great grandfather
forgot to pay for a dinner that my great
grandfather covered him for, thereby
justifying it by claiming that interest has
accrued, and his family has benefitted.
there clearly must be some statue of
limitations shouldn't there be? yet many
AA supports claim it should be non-stop until
equality exists. really, i highly doubt true
equality will ever exist. look at the roman
empire, it effectively fell apart because of
the slavery issue. it was one of many variables
which contributed to his downfall.

african americans are not the only group
to have been mistreated. irish americans,
italian americans, japanese americans, the
list goes on. unfortunately.

the problem, in my opinion, is that a
disproportionate number of african americans
are poor and uneducated compared to the
rest of americans. this, in part, is do the
family structure, i.e. having kids at a young
age. this is a problem with in the white
community as well. it is still much more of a
taboo with in the white community to be
single mother than the black, i think.

the solution, i believe, the most fair solution,
i should say, would be to raise the standard
of living for all americans. perticularly, the

this can be achieved by raising the federal
personal exemption as well as for families.

imagine if you didn't pay taxes on your first
$20,000? or perhaps even more? (personal
income taxes i should say).

secondly, we need to address public education,
specificially poor public schools. such a
situation would benefit -all- poor americans.

additionally, the government should help
offset the cost of medical & educational
expenses by allowing them to be deductable.

the rich whites have benefitted from slavery.
i am sure many rich white families from the
civil rights area and before still have their
wealth.a more just solution would be to
add additional tax brackets, for income
higher than a million, say a 40% tax bracket.
maybe another tax bracket from income higher
than a few million, at 50%....
such persons can afford it, in addition, they
benefit the most from the security and legel
systems with in the united states.

the top 1-5% can afford it. the poor white
population can't. we are uneducated and
work damn hard at our jobs, as many
black americans do, and we resent loosing
jobs because of a criterian we can not change,
our skin color. if you can't appreciate that then
you are as racist as the the white masters
during slavery.

hopefully, we can overcome this problem
together as a nation. we need a president
who is morally strong enough to address this

thank you.

Posts: 0 | Posted: 2:49 PM on January 27, 2003 | IP

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interesting post guest.

but you are a racist.

Posts: 0 | Posted: 7:35 PM on January 27, 2003 | IP

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Wow, i'm 9 months late to respond to this post, but your argument is awesome, i totally support it

Posts: 0 | Posted: 11:25 PM on October 12, 2003 | IP
Wizard 1

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Affirmative action is absolutley WRONG ! If I run a foot race with a colored fellow and he beats me to the finish line , does this mean he "held me back"  or does it mean I couldn't keep up ? Does this mean I should have a head start. No , that wouldn't be fair . The same applies vice versa. I can't see it any other way. We are supposed to be equal , therefore everybody gets by on there own merit. Can't keep up ? Try harder  !

Wizard 1

Posts: 6 | Posted: 08:37 AM on November 22, 2003 | IP

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Affirmative action is nothing but discrimination. 30 years ago whites did discriminate against blacks, but do 2 wrongs make a right? And when would we stop this action? 10yrs? 20yrs? when would we finally be "even"?

How do blacks that really earned and deserve a job, promotion, etc. feel about the blacks that only get advancement through affirmative action? Does it force them to question whether or not they were really deserving?

Posts: 0 | Posted: 2:15 PM on January 5, 2004 | IP
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