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   Civil Rights Debates
     Civil Rights for autistics

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NBC U Attacks Autism

By Anne Becker -- Broadcasting & Cable, 2/9/2005 1:04:00 PM

Autism will be the subject of a multichannel programming effort from the NBC News networks the week of Feb. 21.

The disorder, which currently affects about 1.77 million Americans, will be covered in reports on Today and the Nightly News with Brian Williams, in addition to coverage on CNBC, MSNBC, NBC’s O&Os, Telemundo, and

Today will feature weekly educational reports, culminating in a Feb. 25 segment with NBC Universal Chairman and CEO Bob Wright and his wife Suzanne, who will discuss their grandson’s diagnosis with the disorder and launch Autism Speaks, a foundation to raise awareness and search for a cure.

Nightly News will focus on the science, diagnostics and treatment of autism, while CNBC will launch a five-part series on Feb. 22 focusing on the economic aspects of the disease and the financial burden it can place on families.

NBC Universal’s 14 O&Os will air an hour special on autism the weekend of Feb. 19 and 20.

According to NBC, the CDC is announcing that autism is the “fastest growing serious developmental disability in the United States.”

Please help as this will not air the views of autistics. Autistics by and large are against cure. Autistics form a minority. As only women can really speak for women and blacks for black issues, only Autistics can speak on autism. Autistics have their civil rights violated on a daily basis.

Did you know that in one state W.VA, Health care providers are
require to report any ASD person they find to a registry as mandated
by law? Other states have it as voluntary. They do NOT do this for any
other "disease" or condition. The only other registries I am aware of
mandated by law is for child molesters. I am sure you understand my

Did you know that there is center in Massachusetts called Judge
Rothenburg Center (JRC) that engages in the practice of
aversives?Aversives is practice whereby you provide negative stimulus
for inappropiate behaviour. This can include among others electric
shocks, pinching, denial/delay of meals, sensory deprivation and/or
smelling ammonia. There has been documented abuses and deaths at JRC.
Also at - a parent site, documents the death of a
boy called matthew due to aversives. They are fighting to change the
laws in NJ.

Did you know there was once a cure movement for downs syndrome? They
never developed a cure. They developed a somewhat reliable pre-natal
test for downs. Today about 90% of all downs fetuses (pre-natal
positives really) are aborted. Autistics have too much to offer to
allow a similar fate. We may not be like you, but we are human with
rich and fulfilling human lives to live.

For us at Aspies for Freedom and many autistics this is a fight for
our survival as a segment of the human family.

TheASman --> "The Asperger Syndrome Man"
Support Civil Rights For Autistics

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