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   Gay Rights Debates
     Friendly Fire; MOD Homophobia
       A true and harrowing story of injustice.

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Due to impending Legal Action, I cannot reveal the names of those involved in this story at the present time.
This is a real story, it does concern actual friends of mine.

What follows, is not only an inspirational story of courage and determination, but it is the personal account I made a couple of weeks ago.

This story is important to everyone here, because various members of this board, have been giving me legal and medical advice related to this story, unbeknownst as to why I was really asking.
I'm grateful to those members, grateful to Smeggy for operating this forum, grateful to the staff who keep it going.
I'd also be grateful if you pass on this story!

Put it at the bottom of any email you send tonight.
Talk about it when you go to the pub or supermarket.
Most importantly, think about it yourself.
On one level, you see someone dealing with adversity with dignity.
On the other hand you see the foul corruption at the heart of religion and our Government.

Anyway's enough ranting from me, here's what I wrote a couple of weeks ago;

"Back in July, when I found out I was to be going in for surgery, I was
wandering about online, looking for information.

To cut a long story short, I got in contact with someone local, who had had
heart surgery himself and invited me over to talk me through it.

This is the story of , a friend of mine and the strongest person I
have ever met, or am ever likely to meet.

His story starts on Christmas Island, where his father was stationed during
the Atom Bomb tests.
While Top Brass were down in bunkers, ordinary soldiers, like my friends father,
watched the show outside and were exposed to incredible levels of radiation.
In later years, his father suffered from tumours, which is bad enough, but
the tragedy is the legacy he passed on to his progeny.
While his siblings all have various ailments attributable to radiation exposure,
my friend got the lot.
Blind in one eye, Cateracts in the other.
4 Holes in the heart.
Facial palsy.
A malformed spine.

He had Open Heart Surgery aged four, then again aged twenty four. He was the first child to survive long term from 'hole in the heart' surgery.
A walking, breathing miracle.

He needed further keyhole surgery on his heart in 2007.

As I went in for my own operation, he was on the waiting list for a Heart

I tried to get in contact again when I got out, but it took a while.
He was doing a tour of the National Hospitals, seeking help, but to no
His diagnosis is Terminal!
They can no longer operate!

He has a rare form of Angina, called Prinzmetals, which causes the arteries to
spasm, making surgery impossible. He has numerous defects to the wiring in his heart that cause life threatening arrythmias. This also makes the only known medication for Prinzmetals dangerous, as they cause his heart to slow down and makes the arrythmias worse. At one point his heart

was missing 75% of its beats!
In another episode it was 180bpm.

Now the back story;
Despite all his troubles, he has served Queen and Country, as a civil servant attached to the forces for twenty two years, seeing active tours of duty in Bosnia & Kosovo. He is one of the few civil servants with Military medals (3).

Six years ago, he met his life partner and in 2006 they announced their intention to wed,
to his superior officer.
Said Officer was less than happy.

You see, the partner he decided to marry, is another man!
Yes, my friend is Gay!
Despite his medical condition, his superior Officer, who "couldn't condone it", started piling more and more work onto him, which led to a rapid
deterioration in his health.

Eventually, he took sick leave.
Unhappy not to be able to crack the whip, his Superior started to abuse his
position, manipulating the MOD police to pursue and harass him.

Just before Christmas, he tried to kill himself.
He took twice the dosage of medication required for the job, but his partner
found and got him to hospital in time.

See, he's in constant pain, from uncontrolled Angina spasms and Neural pain in
the back.
He also felt that he was a 'burden' on everybody and thought to solve everyone's
problems at once.
He hid it all from everybody and the kind of life he's had makes him good at
He tolerates daily levels of pain that would have the toughest people alive on
their knees, while he laughs and jokes and is one of the nicest people I've ever

When I've felt hard done by myself, I just think about him and the example
he's set for courage.

I spent many evenings in the latter part of last year, visiting him in the
Mental Hospital.
He could perhaps talk more honestly with me, than he could with his younger
I just told him stories and dirty jokes.
Kept him company and made him feel normal, because looking around one, a Mental
Hospital is an awful place to be.
He became the star of the place, taking an interest in everyone.

Meanwhile, his superior, was still trying to have him arrested by MOD Police and
even sent a nasty letter which arrived to pull him down again just before

Prescribed Anti-Depressants, he was progressively released from care.
I continued to visit.

At some point, the guys started showing me documents.
His partner is a highly organised individual and has kept everything.
Records of telephone calls, times and places, Emails and letters all filed
organised and timelined.

While in Mental Hospital, he sent in a letter of resignation, which was
acknowledged, but the pursuit and harassment, led by his superior officer,

What, in a nutshell, has happened, is that his superior officer has been
pursuing a campaign of hate against him, because of his chosen sexuality.
I've seen it all in Black and White.

I went to visit him this afternoon.
It was a shock!
He had a GP in, to give him Morphine, just to allow him to stand up, on top of all the other medications he has to take.
Yesterday, he had an MRI scan and was told he had Spina Bifada, which had been
undiagnosed all his life.
He's been walking with a stick for the last few months, but the future looks
likely to be a wheelchair.

He's been given a new home, closer to the Hospital and I spent today, painting
his kitchen for him.

I've also been incredibly touched and honoured.
As his partner was too emotionally attached to everything that has happened.
They asked me to go to his initial grievance hearing with the MOD as his

Sadly, while he has glibly talked about opening a nightclub in Cyprus with
the proceeds of the lawsuits that now start. (This has been a longterm dream for both of them)
I fear that he will never realise his dream.

He is my Hero!

So those that pray and those that don't, give a little thought or prayer for
this guy tonight.

Probably the nicest person, you'll never meet!"

The official MOD policy is this;

"The Armed Forces diversity goal is to achieve an environment free from harassment, intimidation and unlawful discrimination, in which all have equal opportunity and encouragement to realise their full potential. The Armed Forces respect and value every individual’s unique contribution, irrespective of his or her race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, social background and sexual orientation, and seek to enhance their operational capability by maximising that contribution."

Spread this story to as many people as you can, because it's subject still has doubt's that he did something wrong!

There will be more on this story in coming weeks, so please consider your responses carefully and stay on topic out of respect.

In the meantime, you can hear him in his own words here;

(Edited by Raffles 4/5/2009 at 6:47 PM).

Posts: 2 | Posted: 6:45 PM on April 5, 2009 | IP

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The Ministry of Defence in Whitehall have been served legal papers for the following reasons..

1. Defamation of Characters
2. Unfair Dismissal
3. Discrimination contra to Equality Acts
4. Discrimination on grounds of Sexual Oriention
5. Discrimination contra to the DDA
6. Breaches of DDA leading to damge to health
7. Damage to physical & Mental health
9. Breach of Data Protection Act
10. Unlawfull deductions to wages contra to Employment law
11. Failure to comply with statutory employment law!!
12. Failure to comply with Health & Safety laws
13. Breach of EU working time directive.

The papers went to Whitelhall so we are taking on the government.

In other words lawyers and the QC's have never seen a case like it!!


Posts: 2 | Posted: 6:56 PM on April 5, 2009 | IP

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This story is wow O.o.

Good luck with all of this, please do keep us informed.

Posts: 103 | Posted: 09:50 AM on May 12, 2009 | IP
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