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   Gay Rights Debates
     A Distinct Problem
       Intolerance, what should be its bounds?

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The Concerned

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Apparently Hampden-Sydney, the school I attend and love is the most anti-homosexual school in the nation at the moment.  Here's the list of intolerant schools.

1.   Hampden-Sydney College
2.   University of Notre Dame
3.   Baylor University
4.   Wheaton College (IL)
5.   Grove City College
6.   University of Tennessee - Knoxville
7.   Texas A&M University-College Station
8.   College of the Holy Cross
9.   Samford University
10. Brigham Young University (UT)
11. Seton Hall University
12. Valparaiso University
13. Pepperdine University
14. Washington and Lee University
15. Trinity College (CT)
16. Vanderbilt University
17. Wake Forest University
18. University of Utah
19. Providence College
20. Southern Methodist University

This is embarrassing...  I am not gay, and I find it incredibly offensive that so many students of my college who consider themselves well-educated and privileged should be so ignorantly intolerant.  This kind of intolerance should not be allowed for any particular group or towards any individual.  I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is well and good, but where do the bounds between word and verb blur?  Must we wait until someone has been physically hurt?  The threat of physical violence is not only debasing to the freedoms we hold dear as a society but is an expression of true ignorance and a lack of creativity.  No one should feel threatened for what or who they are, be they gay, black, atheist or simply different.  People have every right to disagree, but they have no right to threaten physical harm.  It seems to me that this is where lines must be drawn.  Once that becomes acceptable, or overlooked, the very basic freedoms that we all hold dear come under fire and the comfort of living within such a society becomes a burden.
Please write to the administration of our school about how you feel and about how you feel this problem might be addressed.  It seems to me that the community here is so ignorant of the issue that it will take some outside support to really make a difference.

Thank you for your time and help.
Here’s the address:

Hampden-Sydney College
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943

Rights. When does using them become abusing them?

Posts: 1 | Posted: 8:07 PM on September 20, 2005 | IP

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The biggest problem (and i have many) i have with intolerance towards homosexuality is the fact that it is completely based on religion - ppl should keep their outdated and unkind personal beliefs to themselves, as they know full-well that expressing them will hurt others.  

Posts: 292 | Posted: 01:51 AM on September 22, 2005 | IP

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I agree w/ K8 and sure as the sun shines agree w/ The Concerned. i also feel i should adress that i am indeed straight but completely tolerent of gays. while i have no gay friends (the place i live has almost no gays at all) i do hav a gay relative and i rly dont care that he's gay.

Religon=Opium of the Masses, except for Buddhism, thats about inner peace.



The idea of marriage was made in a time where being gay would be a good reason to torture you to death.

Before you say it im straight, but believe it or not im also, God forbid, tolerant.

If being gay is a choice then you accept being straight is too.

If God existed and couldn't accept gay people because he doesn't like them (guess where sins come from!) then he's imposing HIS beliefs on YOU!

If you aren't religous you can still be moral.

Where in the Bible does it say being gay is wrong, cuz if it wasnt in the first draft whats the big deal. Yes the Bible HAS been revised.

Race-does not matter
Religon-does not matter
Sex-does not matter
Sexuality-shouldn't have to matter, cuz it's not like whites don't befriend blacks , Christians don't befriend aetheists, and Men dont befriend Women, so...why make being straight or gay matter? Wanna know what does matter? We're alive. Shouldn't that be more than enough?

Posts: 12 | Posted: 02:46 AM on July 17, 2006 | IP
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