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   Gay Rights Debates
     Horace Mann Ins. Injustice
       Hurricane Katrina Injustice

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Like many others from the New Orleans area we are now having insurance troubles.  We have Horace Mann for our home owners insurance.  At this point they have refused to pay our claim for damage and they also refuse to pay our additional living expenses, stating that our home was not made uninhabitable by Hurricane Katrina.  This is an outrage, not just for us but for many others who are in the same situation.  No insurance company should be allowed to deny claims in a federally declared disaster area.  But in the case of Horace Mann, they are specifically perpetrating this injustice on the Educators of our nation.  Horace Mann Insurance Company advertises dedication to Educators.  I am in the Education Department at the NO/AIDS Task Force as an HIV/AIDS educator/counselor.  Having an educatorís position is what qualified me to have Horace Mann Insurance and as we can all see, Horace Mannís dedication only goes as far as their bottom line.

I would like to hear from any others out there who are having this same type of trouble with Horace Mann Insurance Company.  Please e-mail me at:

Also, if you or someone you know has an insurance policy written by Horace Mann Insurance Company I beg you to find another insurance agent and cancel this policy immediately.  Any monetary savings you are getting from this policy is not worth the heartache you will have when you need Horace Mann.


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