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   Gay Rights Debates
     Straight vs Homosexuality
       General Homosexuality

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Homosexuality is unnatural. And here is why. According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, anything other than heterosexual coita is unnatural. When we speak of "natural" we are speaking of two definitions. The first is inborn or that which we are born with. It's on this basis homosexuals argue their lifestyle is a variation of natural human sexuality. Problem is by this definition being born deformed, mentally retarded, handicapped, alcoholic, a crack-baby, or with a tendency to violence (high tesesterone levels) is also natural. Thus, a person with extreme aggressiveness is natural, therefore we should excuse his barbaric behaviour. The second definition is the traditional understanding or natural use. Natural Law as first defined by Aristotle deals with natural use.

According to natural law, creation is like a machinery. Each part has a purpose and rightful use. Just as a wheel on a car is for rolling, the eye is for seeing. The eye was NOT established for the purpose of sticking things in it. We are dealing with nature's design and purpose. Whether you want to call it God's creation, Mother Nature, or plain outright coincidence, the FACT IS everything in nature (like machinery) has a purpose and rightful use. One does not use a screw driver to eat, and one does not use a fork to fix a lamp. Likewise, the male penis is a REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN it's purpose is for not only releasing urine but also sperm. Sperm when united with the female egg forms human life. In order for this to happen, the male penis must enter the female vagina. When a man and woman copulate, a new life form is the result. Only in heterosexual sex does procreation occur. The penis and vagina fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Indeed, the vagina is naturally lubricated, thus the penis has all the lubrication it needs to go in and out of the vagina without friction. Thus heterosexual sex is intrinsically good.

On the other hand, homosexual sex is always awkward. There is no whole or place on a male to place a male penis. Thus, homosexual sex has to be anal, oral, or carnal. The ass WAS NOT made for the male penis. It's proper function is, well, as a shitter. That's why it's tight placing the penis into it, and it has to be stretched beyond it's limits to accomidate an object (ie. the male penis) which was NEVER meant to go in it. As well, some homosexuals have to wear adult DIAPERS because their rectum becomes ruptured due to sticking a penis in it. Not only that there is shit all throughout the colon and rectum, so a man sticking his dick in another man's ass is literally stabbing shit! This is why fags are called FUDGE PACKERS!!! Shit is waste, and it is teaming with bacteria and germs. Also, the very fact fags have to use vaseline to lubricate the ass, is ENOUGH to show it WAS NOT in nature's design to stick a dick up another guy's ass! When we hetero's fuck a woman (save for when we use a condom, which is by virtue not natural) we don't NEED any kind of lubricants. The woman's vagina naturally provides lubrication for the penis. And also, two men CANNOT produce a baby with each other. This shows, homosexuality is not NATURAL USE and is contrary to Natural Law.

Now, I know I know. Idiots here are going to bring up the fact not all heterosexual sex is procreative. I agree. But sexual lust or the sex drive is what MOTIVATES people to reproduce. Hunger and thirst motivates people to eat, not the intention of building up the body and adding vitamines to the body. When one is thirsty in the desert hydrating the body and bringing down body temperatures is the LAST THING on a thristy man's mind. He is thinking only about his dry throat and nagging tongue to soothe! Same principle goes with heterosexual sex. All animal species reproduce because they see a beautiful opposite sexed potential mate and want to have "release." They also desire affection and closeness. Same with humans. As for other aspects of heterosexuality which have nothing to do with coita, they have their place. In order to prep for the ultimate act of coita or intercourse, both partners need to be aroused. Foreplay is a PERFECT root to do this. Even animals have their forms of foreplay. Unnacceptable forms of heterosexuality include golden showers, annilngus, corporaphilia, Greek, and urophilia. These are unnatural and unhealthy. But so far as petting and oral sex goes, these are perfectly legitimate means to an end, and the end is orgasm through vaginal-penile intercourse. Also, having unprotected sex with numerous annyonymous partners is also extremely unnacceptable and dangerous. With in the context of a loving committed relationship, in which proper procautions are taken,  heterosexuality is essentually good. And as for the argument "well what about the barren couple that can't have kids." Well, what they are doing is still natural. Penile-vaginal intercourse is how babies are made. And they are DOING what nature intended them to do, even though the results aren't what they are supposed to be. Either way, the vagina is still lubricated and the sex is still not awkard as in homosexual sex.

Bottom-line while some expressions of heterosexuality such as Greek (heterosexual sodomy), urophilia, coporaphilia, and annilingus, are unnatural and unhealthy, ALL forms of homosexuality are unnatural. Homosexual intercourse NEVER leads to procreation. All homosexuality is awkward as the male ass is NOT naturally lubricating as the female vagina, the male anus has to be stretched beyond its limits to accomidate the penis, and there is no place on the male person to place the penis. The female vagina and male penis fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the vagina automatically lubricates the penis. And invariably heterosexual coita unhindered by artificial birth control methods leads to procreation. Thus, heterosexuality is the NATURAL usage of human sexuality, and homosexuality is an ABUSE of human sexuality.
Thus homosexuality is inherently unnatural and perverted, and heterosexuality inherently good.

Lastly, what is BAD about pedophilia/boyloveis that homosexuality is FORCED upon innocent young HETEROSEXUALS against their wills. It's fine for two consent adult men to practice this filthy practice with each other in the PRIVACY of their own bedrooms or their clubs. That I essentually do not mind, although I still find it sick and disgusting. But when fags run around molesting children or walking up to some heterosexual man they've never met before and grope his cock without even ASKING for permission, it's reasons as this why I cannot "live and let live." As long as fags continue to violate the rights of HETEROSEXUAL kids and heterosexuals in general NOT to participate in their filthy lifestyle, fag-hating people like me will always exist and ALWAYS want to exterminate your presence. If you people would stop molesting heterosexuals and stick to your own, then maybe we can coexist peacefully. But so long as fags can't control their hands from groping the cocks of heterosexual men and heterosexual boys, they are a THREAT to heterosexual society and people like me WILL FIGHT for our rights! And should fags and their bleeding heart liberals get their "wish" of a lawless gay society in which children are fair game for homosexual child molesters, people like me will rise up out of the woodwork, and shall make sure not a single tree from sea to shinning sea is without the corpse of a fag or fag supporter swinging from its branches. This is not a threat, this is a prophecy. Don't expect the SLEEPING GIANT will remain sleeping for long. Heterosexuals will only take so much of our rights being stripped away! Just as the Rumanian people rebelled against the tyranny of Ceaucescue, heterosexual Americans will rebel against the tyranny of the radical pro-gay left should a pedophile homo paradise society be created at our expense! And I hope I live to see that day that the heterosexual giant awakes and says "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"



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