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     Gay Cop stalks straight teen
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Cop Stalks and Molests Boy, Police Protect Pedophile

--Liberation Journal; Jan. 20, 2001 (2/2/5001)
A Las Vegas narcotics detective is suspected of stalking and molesting a 16-year-old boy, but prosecutors refuse to press charges because they say it "would be discriminatory toward homosexuals."
  The Las Vegas Review(1) reported that Detective Vinten Hartung, (42) "was put on paid leave in November shortly after the father of the 16-year-old boy complained to the department that the detective would not leave his son alone. A follow-up investigation determined that Hartung and the boy were involved in an intimate relationship after making contact in an America Online chat room, Deputy Chief Ray Flynn said."
  Joseph Farah(2) commented: "A cop is chasing around a 16-year-old boy, plying him with alcohol, stalking him and molesting him. And in 2001 we call that an "intimate relationship."..."This monster is on paid leave from the police department. Paid leave! In other words, he has been rewarded with a paid vacation for molesting this boy."
  The boy later joined a youth baseball team coached by Hartung. The boy's father filed a stalking complaint and Hartung remains under investigation for furnishing alcohol to a minor.
  You think the police are there to protect you and your children, don't count on it. The police did not even attempt to protect his son, they instead protected the pedophile, despite the fact that enticing, soliciting or engaging in homosodomy with a minor is illegal in Nevada, where the age of consent is 16, but "soliciting a minor to engage in the infamous crime against nature" (sodomy with a person of the same sex) is a felony with anyone under the age of 18. Besides that, Hartung is alleged to have begun molesting the boy when he was 15. But charges will not be filed against Hartung because he's a cop and "gay." You see the "laws" don't apply to them. The purpose of the political-police is not to enforce natural law, its to enforce the arbitrary political dictates of the rulers. In this case, homosodomy is a protected perversion and any criticism of it, even if it evolves the sexual abuse of children, is not tolerated. He also used the Internet to solicit a child for an act that is illegal in the state where it was committed. But because of his "sexual orientation" he was excused. But what about the boy? The boy doesn't matter to them, all they care about is how charging a homosodomite with a crime might make the powerful queer lobby feel.
  Clark County District Attorney Stewart Bell said: "We in essence concluded neither the state nor the federal authorities are able to pursue the sexual offenses."..."It discriminates against a class of people, and that's not allowed under the equal protection clause of the Constitution."
 That is an absurd perversion of the Constitution. Of course the law dicriminates, that's what the law does, it discriminates against criminals in order to protect victims. If you can't discriminate against criminals there is no law. No one would have the right to defend oneself or children against crime, no one would be able to arrest, try or sentence any criminals. There would only be barbarism. Anarchy is preferable to the perverse evil that rules the United States and uses political power to enforce perversion and child abuse while denying individuals and parents their right to protect themselves and their children.
  Joseph Farah(2) wrote: "What would you do now if this were your son? He's being stalked, intoxicated and molested by a police officer. You report the problem. An investigation shows your fears were justified. But the authorities say there is nothing they can, should or will do. What now? In other words, the state -- in the form of an armed policeman -- is raping his kid and then turning around and saying it can't do anything about it because it would be discriminatory. Think of it. Put yourself in the father's place -- or the boy's. I can tell you exactly where this kind of state-mandated insanity will lead: It will lead to street justice."
  JoNell Thomas, a spokeswoman for Nevada's American Civil Liberties Union, who praised prosecutors for their decision said, "I do think it was good of them to recognize the statute was discriminatory, that it's out of place and that we shouldn't have statutes that discriminate between the gay and straight communities."
  As Joseph Farah put it, "of course it is discriminatory. Anytime the law is applied it is discriminatory -- against criminals. What's wrong with that? That kind of discrimination is a good thing."
  What the personal beliefs or feeling or desires of the perpetrator is doesn't matter, what matters is the act that's committed against the victim. You can now clearly see the double standard that's supported by so-called "hate crimes" where the feelings or beliefs of the perpetrator are presumed to be criminalized because of what a person thinks, with opinions expressed against homosodomy being labeled as "hate crimes" whether or not they accompany criminal actions, while the actions of homosodomites are protected regardless of how hateful or evil their thoughts or actions. You see, only actions that violate the rights of victims can rightly be prosecuted as crimes, what the perpetrator feels or what are the perpetrator's political or social beliefs is not relevant, nor can one criminalize personal orientations. If a person believes he oneself to be sexually oriented a certain way it should make no difference in the prosecution of a case, all that matters is that act itself. It doesn't matter what the cop thinks is his "orientation," what matters is the crimes of sexual abuse he is alleged to have committed against the child. The law is supposed to protect the child against being solicited, stalked and victimized by sodomy. Under this perverse and illegitimate system, what now matters is how queers feel and what message the political gangsters can send to support the homosodomite agenda, the crimes committed against the child are inconsequential.
  Deputy District Attorney Doug Herndon said to prosecute Hartung "wouldn't have made sense",..."It would be singling out homosexuals, which is bad. We don't want to do that."
 But what they do want to do is take the side of pedophiles in aiding and abetting the felony of child sexual abuse. Discriminating in the law is the very purpose of the law, it is unavoidable, either one discriminates against the criminal or the victim. These political pervert gangsters who are falsely representing themselves as "law enforcement" and have made a disgraceful travesty of the law have chosen to discriminate in favor of pedophiles and against the child. What kind of message does that send to other pedophiles? Its open season on children in Nevada.
  This idiot Herndon was actually quoted by the Review(1) as saying "the intent of the law is to go after pedophiles who solicit children."
  Which makes one wonder about his sanity. This creep is a pedophile and the police and political system are betraying the law and aiding and abetting pedophilia.
 Joseph Farah(2) wrote: "Now, folks, do you see the problem with all these so-called anti-discrimination laws that are being enacted to "protect the rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered people." What they are doing, in effect and among other things, is legalizing child molestation."
  That is the smoking gun, that is the intolerable act that, if there are enough decent human beings left in America, will result in the outrage against the political system, the police and the queer agenda that will result in their eventual overthrow. What they are saying is that the "law" doesn't apply to the police and in particular doesn't apply to homosodomites.
  Even if a community refused to criminalize certain activities under the age of 18, there is still a clear common law recognition that children under 18 are minors and are under the authority of their parents. Under the parents' authority the parents' make rules over what their children are allowed to do and what they will allow other people to do with their children. Those rules are the parents' law and the community has an obligation to recognize that legal authority that a parent has over one's child. In some matters which are not criminalized by the community, other parents may not disallow certain activities but they must respect the right of a parent to disallow those activities in regards to one's own child. In such a case, even if the community didn't criminalize sodomy with 16 year olds, which in this case it does and they refuse to enforce it, others would still be obliged to respect the right of a parent who forbids one's underage child from engaging in sodomy, and must respect the right of that parent to protect one's child against anyone who would impose sodomy on that child against the parents' consent. In a civilized society, which this certainly is not, even in the absence of a central government, people have at least a moral obligation to support the right of parents to defend their children against those who would harm them. Parents and the children themselves have a natural right that supersedes any claim of governmental authority to defend their lives by the use of deadly force against anyone who is threatening them with imminent harm. This father has every right to kill this pedophile cop, if he is doing what has been charged, to protect his son and all decent people should support his right to do so and praise him for it if society refuses to maintain a legitimate police and justice system which protects the rights of the innocent rather than supports the perpetration of evil.

                                                                                                        by Dean Sullivan

1 - Detective won't face sex charges - Ryan Oliver; Las Vegas Review-Journal: Jan. 11, 2001
2 - Molestation as protected behavior - Joseph Farrah; WorldNetDaily: Jan. 16, 2001


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