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   Gay Rights Debates
     New cure for Fags

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I love nature. Why can't fags get it, their lifestyle is unnatural and defective? You'd think AIDS would convince them. Now they need a new skin infection!
Antibiotic-resistant skin infection emerged in L.A. gay community

A basterial skin infection that does not respond to standard antibiotics is showing up for the first time in gay men, raising concerns that it could spread further, a Los Angeles health officials said yesterday.

The virulent strain of drug resistant Straphylococus aureus, or straoh, has caused symptoms such as abscesses and boils in a still undetermined number of gay men, as wel l as other people, said Dr. Elizabeth Bancroft, a medical epidemiologist with the Los Angeles County Health Department who is leading an investigation.

"We don't have a sense of the magnitude of the problem," she said.

Due to frequent misuse of antibiotics-like using them to treat colds, flu and other viral illnesses-many bacteria have learned to outsmart the drugs and have consequently become much more difficult to treat.

The infection showing up in Los Angeles does not respond to oral antibiotics like penicillin or even Cipro, and some patients have been hospitalized and given powerful intravenous antibiotics, according to the health department. The basteria can be spread through contact and in damp environments.

Los Angeles Times, Health Section, January 29, 2003 Edition

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