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   Gay Rights Debates
     things to think about?

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Is the Value of a Persons Life
Measured by the Hate of Others?

The fascist persecution of religious faith, natural human [hetero]sexual identity, personal beliefs and the family takes the form of slanderous allegations of "hate speech" and even charges of "hate crimes" against those who merely voice their personal beliefs about proper sexual behavior if those opinions are based on moral values that support for the family or on religious faith.
  Peter LaBarbera, of the Family Research Council, believes: "It's just a short distance to travel from prosecuting alleged hate crimes to prosecuting hate speech, especially when you have gay activists saying by merely voicing our beliefs or fighting for our beliefs that homosexuality is wrong, that we are directly creating a so-called climate of hate in which people like Matthew Shepard are killed. So they're already linking our beliefs to these horrendous crimes, and so we think that someday, they will use these laws to try to criminalize our speech on the homosexual issue."
  Crimes committed by homosodomites against chidlren are far more common than crimes committed against homosodomites. Child sexual molestation is more than three times more common among "homosexuals" than among heterosexuals, according to the report, "The Proportions of Heterosexual and Homosexual Pedophiles among Sex Offenders against Children" in "The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy," number 1 for 1992.
  "Why should the Matthew Shepard [killers] receive greater prosecution than Jesse Dirkhising's [killers]?" asked LaBarbera. "It seems to violate the constitutional principle of equal justice under the law. But the real thing we fear is the hate speech. Gay activists are already talking about so-called hate speech. They've charged Dr. Laura with hate speech and others."
  Jesse Dirkhising was a 13-year-old boy who was sodomized, tortured and murdered in September 1999 by two homosodomite men in Rogers, Ark.
  Julie Foster(3) pointed out that Joseph Farah "made the case that other national news media opted to neglect the story because it involved a politically incorrect theme -- a heinous crime involving the rape and murder of a teen-age boy by two homosexuals. He compared the case to the murder of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual from Wyoming who was tortured and murdered by heterosexuals, a story widely reported by the national media and used as a catalyst for hate-crimes legislation across the country."
  Joe Farah(4) wondered why "the story of Jesse Dirkhising hasn't made a ripple in the national news. I wonder why? I wonder if it's because the victim is not a part of some politically protected sub-group, a special class deserving of extra government privileges? I wonder if it is because the suspects are, indeed, members of such a group."
  He says, "Remember how the nation stood riveted to the details of a hideous murder that took place in Wyoming when a homosexual was tortured to death?...New laws were needed. New brainwashing programs must be introduced into the schools. New sensitivity outreach projects were required by all media outlets. Bill Clinton sounded off. Janet Reno chimed in. And then there was Jesse Dirkhising. There was no hand wringing, no candlelight marches, no national news coverage for the 13-year-old victim of homosexual rape and murder. No presidential proclamations -- even though the heinous crime took place in his home state." President Clinton made 83 references last year to the Matthew Shepherd murder, according to a report.(6)
  Contrast this with when JonBenet Ramsey was murdered, the national media launched a hate campaign of slander and ridicule against her and her family. They exploited a murdered little girl to hatefully terrorize other girls in order to keep them from wanting to emulate JonBenet by implying that being in a pageant and dressing and behaving in a feminine way somehow contributed to her death. While neither her nor her family is responsible for the condition of this uncivilized snake pit of a country, the environment of misogyny and violence toward womin and girls does contribute to crimes committed against them including persecution against femininity as was exhibited by the vermin who condemned her for being too "girly". No new laws were passed to protect the right of girls to express their femininity free from discrimination or persecution, no laws were passed to guarantee the right of mothers to teach their daughters to be feminine, no "hate crimes" bills were passed to impose additional punishment for crimes motivated by a hatred for femininity, the behavior that is natural for girls, nor was there additional punishments for crimes motivated by hatred of masculinity or the family and its natural roles. If those laws were enforced, then the entirety of the United States political regime would be in prison as this system is by its exercise persecution against the family and the natural feminine rights of womin. There were no sensitivity programs started to ensure that people are sensitive to the needs and feelings of little girls especially as it relates to feminine expression and their desire to emulate their mothers and grow up to be wives and mothers also. Instead, the nation-mob insulted and ridiculed her, the tabloids exploited her and political perverts condemned her and her parents for allowing her to be a feminine lady. If she were a lesbian or a tomboy then she would have been turned into a martyr. Just look no further than the movie "Boys Don't Cry" about a girl who passed herself off as a boy while seducing and molesting innocent, unsuspecting girls and being involved in other criminal activities. The perverse and criminal lifestyle of this lesbian was turned into a celebrated movie, the actress who portrayed her was given the Academy Award, and she was virtually canonized as a martyr. JonBenet, an innocent little girl, was made the object of ridicule and called a prostitute and bimbo for playing dress up with her mother.
  If these bigots had any shred of decency at all in them they would be ashamed to ever show their face in public after what they did to this little girl's memory and to other girls they intimidated. While JonBenet is beyond any further harm, the ridicule is mainly directed at intimidating and persecuting girls out of expressing their femininity. The young girls who watch this horror show that the country has turned into receive a clear message that threatens their life, their rights and their feelings. The message is, you had better not dare to express your femininity or to dress or act like a normal girl, if you'd do you will be treated as a subhuman object of ridicule who is declared to be a target for violence because you are a ladylike girl.
  There were even threats to commit political violence against girls and their parents by outlawing girls of a certain age from being in pageants which would prohibit girls from appearing on a stage looking and behaving like a girl. It is the most fundamentally evil, dehumanizing legislation ever proposed because it carries with it the threat to use deadly force against parents and girls who defy it. Spain has already outlawed certain types of womin (womin who are too skinny) from being models and some fundamentalist countries have banned beauty pageants. One pervert on ABC's 20/20 called girls putting on a dress and speaking and performing on a stage before their parents, "cultural child abuse." These are the child abusing fiends who want to get hold of chidlren at young ages to molest and pervert them for life and to get pedophiles into the Boys Scouts.
  Oh, there will be a war, there's a war now, but it will explode into open violent revolution if these monsters impose their child abusing agenda through the political system.
  On CNN's Crossfire(10), Bill Press wished death and destruction on the Miss America contestants, their families and supporters. Bill Press said10) "I just think it's too bad that Hurricane Floyd didn't pick tomorrow night to hit Atlantic City, rather than a couple of nights ago. But look, institutions come; institutions go. This institution made a lot of sense in the days of black and white TV and Chesterfield Cigarettes and the fox trot. It's time to kill it. It's over."
  "Kill it" is a Freudian slip that shows his violent hatred for womin. He also called pageants for young girls, "sick".
  Just substitute the womin in the Miss America pageant for a convention of "gays and lesbians" and see what would happen to the reporter who wishes death and destruction from a Hurricane on the city that is its host and says it's "time to kill it". Bill Press is the same creep that promotes homosodomite perversion and wants it taught to children, while hatefully condemning people who've merely expressed personal religious beliefs that homosodomy is wrong by labeling it has bigotry and hate speech, what monumental hypocrisy. The remarks of this misogynist bigot Bill Press, has not been condemned by CNN nor has he been punished by them. CNN is not a network that respects total free speech, Larry King screens calls for "anti-gay" remarks and the network jumps all over anyone who criticizes queers and turns them into public enemy number one. Remember when John Rocker made prejudicial cracks about "foreign" looking people. The media exploited that story for months and wouldn't shut up about it. He deserved some rebuke, but the coverage was excessive and hypocritical. He simply expressed a distaste for being around different ethnic groups, which I considered to be bigoted and intolerant, but he didn't wish death on them like Bill Press did on womin because of their feminine, family oriented identity.

As for boys, if they are normal boys, they too are a target for persecution and ridicule. The Boys Scouts are fighting a war against pedophiles who are doing anything they can to get access to these children, with the media, and many entertainers, public school teachers and politicians siding with the pedophiles and helping them to gain access to the kids while persecuting parents for trying to protect their children. A society can hardly reach a more evil and depraved level.
  "Conservatives are in a pickle," writes Jonathan Alter in Newsweek. "They like to say that ideas have consequences. Well, the consequences of condemnation can turn out to be death. ... But just as the white racists created a climate for lynching blacks, just as hate radio created a climate for militias, so the constant degrading of homosexuals is exacting a toll in blood. ... Discerning clergymen and moralists can hate the sin and love the sinner; but by the time the homophobic message reaches the angry guys sitting in the bar, that distinction has been lost."
  When fascist dictators preach hate, violence and persecution, they are at least honest about it, you knew what to expect -- hate, violence and persecution. Rascists traditionaly didn't hide their real beliefs, or pretend that their hate is tolerance or their violence was compassion, unlike the queer fascists. Yellow-assed propagandists like Jonathan Alter are blatantly hypocritical, as they create a climate of hatred and intolerance for religious beliefs and the moral values that have sustained the family for millennia that can lead to real violence against people of faith, both by private individuals and most ominously by policies that use political violence to persecute them. Such hateful propaganda certainly creates a climate for violence against people of faith and aids and abets child molesters, its encourages legislation to suppress speech they don't like and it sends the message that if you think or say certain things, that the vast majority of human beings believe anyway, then you deserve to be shut up by legislation, you deserve to be discriminated against in public policy and you may even deserve to be the target of legislated political violence. By the time the heterophobic message reaches the power hunger politician the distinction between opinion and legislation backed by violence has been lost.
  This is a sample of the agenda the media supports, it was published in the Gay Community News7) "We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding."  
  The moralphobe media spews out hate against people of faith -- Bryant Gumbel(9) called a leader of a Christian pro-family organization a "f ucking idiot" on the air for his defense of the right of the Boy Scouts to choose their own role models. Dr. Laura has been hatefully attacked for her personal beliefs based on her Jewish faith.
  Allan Keyes(1) mentioned: "Katie Couric gave us a little preview of this assault on "The Today Show" this week, when she blithely asked the governor of Wyoming to comment on the accusation by unnamed homosexual activists that it was the attitudes encouraged by Christian leaders such as Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson that led to the killing of Matthew Shephard. Apparently finding the accusation intelligible on its face, Couric offered no evidence or argument that might lead one to accept such a bizarre charge."
  How do the faggots respond? Michael Swift(7) wrote: "If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies."
  Strange? That's just what they did to Jesse Dirkhising. People who only want to protect their children or who simply state that they believe that  homosodomy is immoral are slandered as hatemongers while violent hate is directed at them and at innocent children. A creature called Azraelle on a "childfree" website wrote: "I hate babies. Really! I do!" "Babies are annoying. I hate it when I go out to a restaurant or a mall, and I am subjected to the whining, bawling, and screeching of babies and small children. When I hear a baby crying (especially in a movie theatre! Ugh!)  I want to bash its fucking head in. I want to punt the bawling bastard across the room. I want get a wire hanger and make it a retroactive abortion. I fucking hate babies. I wish more parents would realize that the entire world does not want to hear their spawn screaming."
  Farah(4) wonders if "because a certain politically protected lifestyle has been elevated to virtual sainthood" it contributed to the heinous crime against the boy in Arkansas. But he(4) doesn't "expect to hear Bill Clinton or Janet Reno weigh in on this one. It just wouldn't be appropriate. It might offend their core constituency. After all, 13-year-old boys don't vote anyway. They don't contribute to political campaigns. They don't march and demand special rights."
  But homosodomite child molesters do vote and are now a powerful political special interest group. Crimes (real crimes against natural law) motivated by hatred of [hetero]sexuality are much more common than those motivated by hatred of homosodomy and crimes motivated by a hatred for womin and in particular of a womon's sexuality is much more common. The most frequent hate motivated crimes against sexuality are committed by the political-police who commit violence against womin for expressing their sexuality or selling sexual services to consenting men. It is far more common for police to raid and commit violence against womin sexual performers than to raid queer clubs. These crimes against fundamental human rights are obviously motivated by hared of [hetero]sexuality expressed in a way that is natural -- for men to enjoy watching womin nude and performing erotic art. It is much more common for the police to commit violence against female prostitutes than against male prostitutes.
  I condemn all violence against innocent people. I condemn all violence against people which is motivated by hatred or religious prejudice against any type of consensual sexual expression between consenting adults and I condemn violence against innocent consenting persons motivated by hatred of homosodomy. People have the right to engage in any consensual behavior between adults that is not imposed on others. But I don't hear the queer political groups upholding the right to sexual freedom or condemning political violence against [hetero]sexual expression, in fact, most of them support it as does the rest of society. There has been a long tradition of hatred and fear of womin's sexuality and a conspiracy to suppress it with violence and persecution of it shrouded behind the cowardly mask of "law", "decency", "public morals" and other labels. The queer groups don't seem too committed to denouncing or eliminating these hate motivated crimes based purely on fear, bigotry, intolerance and religious superstition. Maybe the traditional misogyny and sex phobia of Western society, and in particular the United States, has led to the rise of homosodomy as a political movement. At the root of male sodomite psychology is gynophobia (fear of womin and at the root of lesbianism is homophobia (which means fear of men; homo = man, phobia = fear), and they both suffer from heterophobia. It has been noted that the Holocaust probably couldn't have happened in any other country than Germany because of its native anti-Semitism that paved the way for the more extreme hatred by the Nazis. In the United States, the traditional hatred and fear of sexuality, particularly as expressed by womin, has paved the way for a movement that is bent on perverting and destroying the masculine identity of men, the feminine identity of women and the [hetero]sexual marriage based family.
  Justin Raimondo(5) acknowledges that: "In economic, political, and cultural clout, gays wield influence way out of proportion to their numbers...a quite unappealing character: a creature of privilege constantly whining about his plight. If the gay political leadership is so concerned about the alleged rise of anti-gay bigotry, perhaps they will take care to project a less bash-able image."
  Crimes motivated by hatred of religion are a lot more common than crimes motivated by hatred of homosodomites.
  Nina May(2) wrote: "Do hate crimes apply to people who silence sincerely held religious beliefs? Like the situation in Chicago where they don't want the Baptists to hold their convention because they think they might foment hate speech? So now the Bible is hate speech? Can you see where this is going? But what's interesting is, that it seems to be a forgotten point that the murders in Columbine and Wedgewood Baptist were motivated by hate against Christians. The shootings in the Bible Class in Tennessee were motivated by hate against the Bible believers. The church in London, where ten members were attacked by a sword-wielding man, during a church service . .. .certainly wasn't motivated by bad singing. It seems as though there are far more instances where Christians are being targeted for persecution, death, and execution, than any other group these days, yet they are suspect as fomenting hate. If the government really intends to target a certain group for persecution, then be honest about it. Don't claim it is that group that is causing the problem. .. That is double speak at it's best."

The test of fairness for any country's laws is equal treatment before the law. In the past, in the old world, even trespassing on an aristocrat's property could bring the sentence of death, while peasants could be raped or killed by aristocrats with impunity. In a racist society, even the slightest offense against the racial group in power is met with more severe punishment, while the most horrendous crimes against the subjugated race is ignored along with the victims being spit on by public opinion who seeks to further victimize them. In the old South, a black person who was the victim of a crime and sought justice was often publicly attacked. In the past, and even still today in some cases, womin who report rape or domestic abuse are ridiculed and blamed for being the victim. When womin protest being arrested for expressing their sexuality before consenting grown men, they are denounced by a society of womin hating savages who lust after legislated violence against womin's sexuality. While this is a pattern that has occurred throughout history, in the perverse United States of today, there is a new form of bigotry that elevates the crimes against people who practice sodomy to a level that is considered more severe than for crimes committed against morally straight people, combined with a society that is increasingly ridiculing and attacking womin who are victims of crime by blaming and them for being victims. This personal hatred extends to innocent little girls who are raped and murdered. Certain bigoted hate groups of today use certain victims of violence as political propaganda to persecute the rights of innocent people. There are so-called, men's groups, (meaning that I deny that they are real man) who blame womin who are victims of domestic violence and tell the most outrageous lies in history, by claiming that most of the womin who are victims of domestic abuse are the cause of it. An insane, misogynist statement that exposes the fact that they are so blinded by misogyny that they are too stupid to realize that making such obviously false statements exposes their bigoted agenda. In such a society, an innocent little girl of five years old who is brutally murdered is called a "prostitute," "tramp," "bimbo," and her parents are called pimps and abusers because she expresses her femininity by wearing proper girls' dresses and performing in pageants in an activity that builds a closer bond with her mother and develops talent, confidence and ladylike behavior. This is a society that steals people's money and uses it to kidnap their children and force them into political schools where they are abusively indoctrinated into an agenda that seeks to seduce them into homosodomy, not to mention recruit them as mercenary terrorists. As a part of this agenda, an innocent little girl who is the symbol of femininity is made a target for the most evil bigots that ever walked on this earth, people who seek to pervert the identity of men and womin as [hetero]sexual human beings. JonBenet became a dehumanized target of politically motivated slander where children were encouraged to condemn her appearance, behavior and feelings while talk shows held mock trials to condemn her parents for putting her in a pageant where they did the intolerable, they allowed her to fully express her femininity. What became obvious was that these people in the media didn't give a damn about her or her reputation, or the rights and feelings of little girls who have to grow up in this emotional torture chamber of a country, where there was little genuine sorrow or concern for her family. What kind of in human beast looks at an dead, innocent little girl and sees only an object to be ridiculed. Most people have more respect for the dead than to turn a victim into an object of ridicule. Those creatures who do this can hardly be called human, we're all Homo sapiens, but being human is a quality of feeling and behavior. This disgraceful exhibition by much of the country that either joined in the ridicule or said nothing to denounce it was a watershed event for me. I will never forgive the people of the United States for this, it's the final straw in a long line of atrocities committed by a country that has shown throughout its history a passion for destroying peoples by committing genocide against over a hundred Native American nations, enslaving an entire race, waging terrorist wars to subjugate other nations while systematically violating the rights of its own subjects, and now is bent on using its power to destroy the very nature of what it means to be human by perverting the identity of the sexes and destroying the family. A system committed to such evil must be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth if the human family is to survive.

--Liberation Journal: Aug. 30, 2001 (28/9/5001)                          by Gregory Flanagan


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