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   Gay Rights Debates
     example of hypocrisy

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Straight Pride banned in Queer School

So now the bigoted tyranny against the human family is out of the closet. Recently, Elliott Chambers, a 16-year-old Woodbury High School (St. Paul, Minnesota) student was "summoned to the principal's office and told that a sweatshirt he had worn the previous day was thereafter banned as offensive to gay, lesbian, and bisexual students. The sweatshirt carried the trademarked logo "Straight Pride" on the front, and on the back featured a symbol of a man and woman holding hands," reported the AFA.(1)
  The public schools have become blatantly discriminatory against the natural, moral roles of men and womin in favor of homosodomy.
  Elliott Chambers is suing the school for violating his First Amendment civil rights, including his right to freedom of speech and religion. He is being represented by the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (CLP). AFA attorney Michael DePrimo says: "The school is not only tolerant toward homosexuality, they openly embrace it and support it. We're aware of situations where teachers actually read e-mails from parents [in which parents] have expressed concern over the open support of homosexuality. These teachers read the e-mails in class, try to tell the students why it's wrong, and then criticize the parents."
  According to the AFA, "the school also openly promotes homosexuality by displaying inverted pink triangles -- the universal symbol of the homosexual community -- in certain "safe" rooms. Those child seduction rooms are set aside for student/teacher discussion and counseling regarding homosodomy and "other non-traditional relationships."
  When Chambers' parents complained to the school's principal, co-defendant Dr. Dana Babbit, Babbit called them "homophobic." The AFA reported that other parents were also "shocked and outraged" when they found out about the school's "safe" rooms. Where the teachers think they are "safe" from parents and decent society were they can seduce children into that degraded lifestyle with impunity.
  The CLP's chief counsel, Steve Crampton, said: "Elliott's sweatshirt merely makes a positive statement about heterosexuality. It does not denigrate other forms of sexuality. [homosodomy is a perversion, it is not another form of sexuality, sexuality means relations between the sexes] This is a case of classic viewpoint discrimination. The school has chosen to openly embrace homosexuality and bisexuality, and it does not welcome dissenting points of view. What is especially troubling is the school's open hostility toward student support of committed man-woman relationships."
  While positive statements in support of natural, moral relationships are censored, queer supporters openly preach hate and violence. One activist at a Charlottesville School Board meeting wore a T-Shirt that read: "So Many Right-Wing Christians – So Few Lions." An implied threat supporting genocide.

--Liberation Journal; April 15, 2001                                        by Gregory Flanagan


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