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   Peace in the Middle East
     The Peace in the Saint Land

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                                                          Translation from Russian into English
Arnold Borochin
The Peace in the Saint Land

    The article was the first published on the April, 8, 2003 on the international Scientific Conference “Pogrom in 1903. Look through the Century”, which took place in the frame of the Memory Days of the Kishinev’s Pogrom in 1903 (on April, 6-9, 2003).
1. The peace in the Saint Land will be established when the traditional attitude to Jews will change, when will try (learn) to perceive the Jews’ sufferings as their own; when everybody will realize that the Jews’ backing to the Saint Land is predefined and it is impossible to oppose to it.
 It is possible that the peace would be easier achieved if we'll follow the Scripture. Koran confirms:” In truth, those who believed and those who worship the Judaism… and the Christians,-who believed the Allah and the last day and made blessings,- there is no fear on them and they won’t be sorrowful!"(5:73(69), 2:59(62)). The Koran teachers: “Allah doesn’t change His promises, but a lot of people do not know” (30:5(6)). The Koran also confirms that is written in the Tore (as in the Evangel) – verity (truth) (5:50(46), 5:52(48)). Together with the poem: “And We gave to people for inheritance, which were considered weak, the East and the West of the Earth, which We blessed.  Your God’s good word was fulfilled about Israel’s sons because they had endured!” (7:133(137)) and with the poem: “Maybe the God will pardon you…” (17:8) it could be considered that in the Koran the Jews have the right for all lands which are enumerated in the Tore as the destinated for the Jews (between Jordanian and the Mediterranean Sea) (Bemidbar (Numbers) 34:2-15) not only in the past , but also in the present and in the future. The same result could be found in the New Testament: “Because the God’s presents are immutable ”(Riml. 11:29). This means that the absence of the Jewish people could be only temporarily, and is the time for the backing, and the one of the means is that the sometimes fertile land, is now gives the crops, which didn’t get nobody before the Jews back. On this fact the Bible (Ezekiel 36:8-11, 34-35; Isaiah 35:1, 41:18-20) and the Koran (7:56(58))  (by indirection) pay attention.
  2. For the establishment of the permanent peace the realization of the plan of the peaceful settlement of the conflict must assure the high level of justice and remove the possible conditions for the appearance of the new conflicts in the future. How do the specialists confirm, already after some decades the demographical situation will change. When in the Israel will have place the demographic changes  and the Palestine Arabs will be more than Jews, comes the new situation which can get the changes in people’ psychology. Somebody can think that the power (rule) can be occupied in democratic way as well as with power. Between the millions of people are some hundred thousands emotion spirited persons, who will try to resolve all the problems with the power, which can get to more tragic consequences than now. The international practice shows that only the cardinal separation can entirely remove the conditions for the resumption of the conflicts. Koran says: ”He gives the wise to whom He desires; but who has the wise, he has the great benefit. But remember only the possessors of the wise!”(2:272(269)). If the Palestine Arabs will und0erstand that the best way to serve their people and their belief is not the opposition, but on the contrary, following the wanting of the History Supreme (High) Power, and will offer their backing on the historical mother land or another Arabian states on bases of the Koran and common sense, this wise decision will bring to the really stable and fair peace in the region. For taking such a decision is not necessary to get through the violence. In such a case for the better conditions for the removal and the following adaptation on the places it is presented as necessary with the support of the world’s community to go towards in the following way:
1. To buy back the private property; to guide the resources for purchasing and building the housing habitation on the new place for each family;
2.  To pay the pension for each person for the compensation of the temporary missing work places in the organizing period;
3.  To finance the states’ administration, in which the Palestine Arabs will arrive, to create the needed number of the work places and for improvement;
4. To offer financial support for removing and building the Palestine mosques, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings on the new places to Palestine administration and to those who will effectuate the local autonomy;
5. To give financial funds for training ten thousand specialists (doctors, engineers, teachers, etc.);
6. To finance the actions for realization the control of removals and the whole using of the funds (especially that the funds won’t be spent for the armament);
7. Etc.
In the frame of such an agreement the question with the refugees can also be resolved. Such a decision of the Palestine’s problem is well-handled (the most rational) if all the Arabian population will remove from the whole territory between the Jordan and Mediterranean Sea; in the contrary, the tension will only delay. The process of the removal will stretch in time, but the peace can appear just after the signing the corresponding agreement with all interested sides and the removing of the first people from the Saint Land. The realization of this project needs great financial funds (near five hundreds milliard $, the fix number can be appointed by the specialists), but such a resolution is better than killing each other and spending the money for the war. All these funds will serve for economic development of the Arabic States and will stimulate the raising of the Arabian life conditions. Thus, the economical activity of Israelis will influence beneficially the all Arabian region, and won’t be restricted only by Palestine, as it is supposed in the present time.  The Israel can get the funds for restitution of the debts and raising the life conditions of its people at the expense of the intensive development of tourism. The level of the tourist business of the Saint Land can’t be lower than in the countries with the highly developed tourism. It is necessary that the countries and the banks which will provide financial support, will realize the privileged participation in this business (the transport provision, production and supply of the additional food, water, energy carrier and others).
In such a way, constant and fair (right) peace could be established on the Saint Land and all the people will take part in this. And the attitude to the Jews is the indicator of the mankind’s intellectual perfection.

05.04.2003; 05.08.2004                                                         Chisinau,Republic of Moldova


1. According to the American historian Howard M. Sachar, in September 1939 the English traveler John Filby made a proposal to leave Palestine to Jews, resettlement the Palestinian Arabs to Saudi Arabia with reimbursement of due outlay to the king of this country. This plan was approved by Winston Churchill, the king of Saudi Arabia seemed interested in this idea, but without any serious guarantees, the king refused to assume any obligation. His position has not changed neither in 1943, when this question was opened by the USA representative, the colonel Hockins (Howard M. Sachar. The History of Israel, v.2, 1976, section “Zionists and England”).
Nowadays, when we are living safe time and better possibilities, this project could maybe evolve.
2. Here citations from Koran according to the edition: Коран. перев. и коммент. И.Ю. Крачковского. Москва, 1990
3. About the author: He was born in 1942.The Higher Education. He is an engineer. He works as a designer.


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