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     Pres. G.W.Bush
       Bush is doing an excellent job

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bush is the best president because, I have seen and heard his faith throughout his term and I have been impressed with his integrity."

"I am following Bush because from everything Ive seen, he is a faithful man."

Bush is because he is the first President that Ive seen that says His life changed when he met Jesus Christ, and will admit it to anybody. In that I think it was a very tough decision to make concerning Stem Cell research, and I think he didn't comprmise his faith, which is a very honorable thing to do. Also, that he is so dead on about ending partial birth abortion, again it takes integrity to not comprimise.

"he knows more than I do on this issue and I trust him base on his past decisions."

"...I think Bush is doing an excellent job. "

"I like Bush because he seems to be consistant in his Faith, which impacts every area of his life."


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