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     What animal can people have
       Can a person care for a rescued animal

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Poll Question: Should a person be allowed to spend their time and money caring for a injured animal that they find in the wild, especially animals such a deer, rabbits, birds, and squirrels.   (0 votes)
  Yes, a person should be allowed to care for an injured animal that they rescued and keep it like a pet assuming that they have enough room (ie: an apartment probably be too small for a deer). n/a
  Only professional animal rescue organizations should be allowed to rescue and care for an injured animal. n/a
  No, an injured animal should only be euthanized. n/a
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In Oregon a man rescued a fawn several years ago. Now because a relative had an unrelated issue and reported the man to the Game commission, the government has taken the deer.

The thing that I don't understand is why you could get a license and kill the deer, but God forbid that you try to help the deer.

I also do not see what makes a deer so much more dangerous than  an animal such as a horse.

Link to the original article (

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