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   Creationism vs Evolution Debates
     Transitional fossil OTM!
       Lets hear it for Acanthostega!

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One of the most enduringly interesting aspects of Evolution for myself is concerned with the development of form in creatures, and in particular the changes between the vertebrate groups.

There have been some very interesting developments over the last decade and a half in the area of fish-amphibian.

Which is where Acanthostega comes in, a remarkable fossil that has shed a great deal of understanding on how the terrestial vertebrates came to be.

Here is a photo of a reconstruction of the the beastie:

From this page that discusses the find in more detail:

Acanthostega described

And this page puts Acanthostega into the context of the the study of the evolution of terrestrial vertebrates (follow the links as the description runs over several pages):

Ampihibian evolution revisited

The striking conclusion is that the limb evolved as an adaptation to an aquatic way of life and was subsequently utilised for the purpose of movement on land- wonderful!

Anyway, I hope you find this as interesting as I do, and please feel free to comment on the significance of Acanthostega to Evolutionary history.

P.s OTM = Of The Month, but the title did not have space for me to type it in full.

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