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   Creationism vs Evolution Debates
     The Final Thought
       A serious look on both sides

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Ok, let's try to get this striaght about the whole topic.

As I have seen from the ID debates, their agruements, etc.  The whole purpose is to teach Creationism in our schools, as a choice given to the students to choose which one they believe in (Evolution vs. Creationism)

Am I right? If not, please correct me on that.

Ok, assuming that I am right, let's just really think about this.

The only thing about evolution as with any other theory of science, it has evidence supporting it.  If new evidence disproves the current theory it is debated again, tested, re-tested, on and on until it the resulting theory fits in with the evidence and is accepted as fact once again. As with any science we have, there is evidence behind it.

Now think, really think.  The computer your using to read this is based on the theory of electricity (not sure of the offical name please forgive me).  The lights in your house, uses a filament to produce light.  The meter outside your house keeps track of how much you use, the generators at the power company.  The paper and ink used on your bills that you get from the company.  Your car, tv, heater & air conditioner...(I think you get the point).  Is all based on theories in SCIENCE.

Now think about your religion. There are 200+ different variations of religion (no joke, look it up) practiced in the world today.  The only "proof" that I know of is a good sized book called the bible.  Which was written by men (maybe even women) who was told to by the spirit and holy ghost of god.  Translated, and then edited by each religion slightly.

Every religion is pretty much caused by differing ideas of interpreting, or belief of the bible.  (Given also the ones not based on it)

Myself, I don't want it to be taught in schools.  But I'll explain why.

Do you think you would be happy if your religion is being taught by someone in the school system that may or may not have the same belief?

What if their teacher is a athiest?  Will you try to get him/her fired from their job because they are?  What if they are a very good teacher for science, but just not for creationism.

I really thought churches were created for a place of people of the same religion could come together, rejoice in their own building, and believe, pray, celebrate, and teach their religion.
Why do you HAVE to have it in science class, in school?

Don't get me wrong, I do understand how you could get upset teaching your child something, and someone else, expecally the school, teaching them something completely different.
And trust me I know, some of the problem with this is your child asking why creationism isn't in schools if it really is true. Just do what usally is said when a situation like this arises, tell them it is god testing their faith.

BTW...You can't just "disprove" evolution, and then expect creationism to be automatically accepted.  If you want something to be in a science class, do it the science way.  Get undenyable proof, evidence that it is right.  Prove that it is right.

Sorry for such a long post, but I think it was needed.  Just my two cents, and feel free to put yours in also.

(Edited by Rellik187 1/16/2006 at 04:38 AM).

(Edited by Rellik187 1/16/2006 at 04:39 AM).

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Creationism should not be taught in science class.  It is not science.

ID should not be taught in science class.  While there is some evidence that points towards ID, there is no evidence that can categorically PROVE ID.

The Dover board's proposal did not try to TEACH either in class.  

Religion CAN be taught in a religion class.  These classes should be reserved for college courses.

As a Christian, I see no need for religion based classes during the K-12 years.  Of course, I see no need for Home Economics or Sex Ed classes either.  Parents need to get off their butts and actually teach some basic stuff at home.  

"Thou believest that God is one; thou does well: the demons also believe, and shudder." James 2:19 - Belief is never enough.

Posts: 1287 | Posted: 09:22 AM on January 16, 2006 | IP
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