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     Online Gambling?
       How regulated should it be?

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Hi folks.

What do you think about the current laws surrounding Online Gambling? I recognise this is a big topic in Europe (especially France) where the laws are under review thanks to campaigns like Right2bet and having seen the PPA in the States I guess its a big deal the other side of the pond.

Currently, as I see it, there are three main approaches to Online Gambling.

The British approach, where almost anything goes so long as its with a 'licensed' bookmaker - one can make bets on virtually anything thats popular with a host of different commercial operators.

The European approach, where gamblers tend to be limited to one state owned company, and only the sports they have a book open on can be bet upon.

The Illegal approach, where any form of Gambling online is seen as immoral and is against the law.

Which do you support? Do you think people need this much protection in this area? Would deregulation offer new markets and the asssociated riches?

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