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   Education Debates
     New Ways to Tackle Sex Ed
       Thinking about alternative ways to reach today's youth

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I believe that some kind of sex education should take place in schools.  It's not that I like the idea of young kids being sexually active, but it's a sad fact that many young people today are going to engage in sexual activity whether we prepare them for it or not.  

I also believe in searching for new ways to approach the topic so that one can grab a young person's attention long enough to get the message heard.  

In fact, I just dealt with this topic in a short film made for a college class in which I tried to reach people through a mix of comedy and legitimate PSA.  

Check it out if you like:

Just posted it online and I'm hoping it will reach someone who will be intrigued enough to consider the risks of unprotected sex and the ways to avoid them.

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