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   Entertainment Debates
     Concerned Parents against Foul
       Concerned Parents against Foul Language in Children's P

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I am writing this for people who care about doing what is right.
The particular situation is for people who are concerned with inappropriate language in Children's Programming, namely WHYY PBS...Remember, they are our future.  Please, take a minute of your time to do what is morally right... I am just 1 person in this world who is TRYING to make a difference.... I pray that you too will show support.

Hello ALL,
I am asking you all to help me sign a petition that I have created.
I really feel strongly about the situation and I would very much appreciate your efforts in passing this along to the people in your mailing lists, for this is the only way to keep the signatures
There is power in numbers....

Thanking you in advance,

In Christ,

Holly Perez
New Jersey

Please follow this link:


Posts: 0 | Posted: 7:39 PM on July 19, 2003 | IP
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