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   Entertainment Debates
     Music Covers bridging Gen Gap
       Old songs now new?

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How well do remakes of the "oldies" help to bridge our vast musical generation gap? How old is Rock N Roll now? I can't believe it's been over 20 years just since I"VE been listening to it.

Cover tuning, remaking, rehashing, call it whatever you wish. Paying homage? Any term is now generic at best. I guess they were right. Rock N Roll will never die.

Some remakes suck, yes. Some end up making the original even more popular. Like some artists end up telling you, hey, I'm makin'money right? Put it to you this way. I'm going to list some music from my generation and the cover tunes that were done. The comparisons are truley amazing. The diversity is seemingly unparalleled! Check it out...and compare.

"Judas Priest"- Joan Baez song (still popular to this day)
"Motley Crue"- Beatles, Elvis, Brownsville Station (wow...!?)
"Queensryche"- Scarborough Fair (Simon & Garf. I believe)
"Keel"- Rolling Stones & Triumph
"Van Halen" - Roy Orbison
"Guns N Roses"- Aerosmith, Alice Cooper

These are just a few I could think of off the top of my head. I have always appreciated these band for doing what they did. I have more of an open mind for it. When you're a musician, this comes in handy.

What do you remember?

Der Altehase...

Posts: 11 | Posted: 09:05 AM on March 21, 2004 | IP
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